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So today I studied so much you have no idea. At the end of my study session my head was all fuzzy and I felt really ill...some extreme shit y'all. Anyways today I ate some Chinese food which was soo awesome because it is my other favorite food.

Okay pause, I ate my favorite foods for three days straight! Friday, Sushi. Saturday and Sunday, Chinese. Omg this has been such an amazing week I just can't. But on the down side, I only have 9 days left of this challenge and it is fucking sad. I want for this to be forever but honestly I am not that creative to come up with so many prompts lol.

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Day 21: Write about how was your childhood like.

Childhood is like a vivid memory in my head. I know there are a lot of people who don't remember anything from when they were kids. I am grateful that I do, sometimes I just wonder into my earliest memories and they pull out a big smile on my face.


My childhood was filled with so much love. I had the most loving parents ever. My mom would be so caring and playful, she played all of my weird games with me, recorded my rock concerts on my fake piano, we built lego houses and puzzles together. We would watch so many movies together, and she let me help her in the kitchen.

My dad was the one I had so much fun with, even though my parents are divorced I have the most present dad ever. He would take me every weekend to his house and he would visit me some days of the week, we would go and eat Chinese every Friday night, play playstation at his place, go ride bicycle in the park in front of his building, and go to grandma's house to eat some homemade food.

I remember my mom telling me that everyone thought that my dad and her were married when I was in preschool and then grade school because we would arrive the three all together to school events. My parents never fought around me and they would always be together when something important was happening in my life.

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I was always the spoiled grand-child of my grandma from my dad's side. She would always give me more ice cream than my cousins and play with me longer. In my mom's side of the family my big cousins used to play doll with me, they would do my makeup and paint my nails while telling me their high school stories.

I had great friends growing up, some we fell out of touch and others I hold them dear to my heart. My birthdays were always filled with themed piñatas, people in costumes, a lot of food, and trampolines.

But yeah, I just look back at my childhood and smile. I smile for all the games, for all the knee scratches, for all the hugs, for all the toys, for all the friends, for all the old tv shows, for all the times I was a kid and it was okay to just be one.

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