roaring 20s//panic! at the disco

aesthetic, blouse, and jewelry image
green, jewelry, and ring image
aesthetic, gold, and glitter image
Image removed
maybe i'll medicate, maybe inebriate

one of the drunks//panic! at the disco

drink, pink, and rose gold image
drink image
chanel, fashion, and bag image
drink, aesthetic, and sparkle image
searching for a new high, high as the sun, uncomfortably numb

COPYCAT// billie eilish

love, couple, and shadow image
yellow, fashion, and outfit image
aesthetic, yellow, and flowers image
yellow, flowers, and aesthetic image
by the way, you've been uninvited

nights with you//mo

stars, sky, and night image
fun, black and white, and photography image
pink, sky, and aesthetic image
purple, grunge, and tumblr image
you're gorgeous. I know you may not always feel like it, but you are

ready//alessia cara

flowers, red, and rose image
rose, flowers, and aesthetic image
red, lover, and aesthetic image
cherry, pink, and red image
you got me into this mess, who's gonna get me out?"