Hi everyone, this list is of my favorite top 10 favorite starbucks drinks that I love. When I order my drinks I get them Venti or Trenta size

1. Very Berry Hisbiscus

chicago, cliche, and coach image coffee, drink, and hibiscus image

2. Violet drink with soy milk instead of coconut

starbucks, purple, and drink image Image removed

3. Dragon drink with soy milk

dragonfruit, starbucks, and starbucks drink image drinks, iced tea, and dragon drink image

4. Pink Drink with soy milk

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5. Honey Citrus mint tea (during flu season)

medicine ball, starbucks, and tea image starbucks, tea, and honey citrus mint tea image

6. Iced Chai tea Latte

autumn, starbucks, and fall image coffee, starbucks, and chai tea latte image

7. Iced Green Tea Lemonade

drink, venti, and starbucks image starbucks image

8. Iced Guava White Tea

starbucks, guava tea, and white tea image starbucks, white tea, and guava image

9. Upside down caramel macchiato with extra caramel drizzle

coffee, starbucks, and iced caramel macchiato image Image removed

10. White Hot Chocolate with 6 pumps of Chocolate Mocha Sauce

Image removed coffee, cream, and mocha image

P.S. I have a preference for soy milk but you can get your drinks the way you like

Cover photo by pink_____n/ on IG

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