This works for your sun, moon, rising/ascendant, and venus sign (if it involves a relationship). Also, these are general readings, these don't apply to everyone. If you want a personal reading, just message me.

Aries: Express your emotions. Have some time for yourself.

Taurus: Transition into something new. Be yourself.

Gemini: Speak your truth, have this belief and passion. Have this freedom now, but take action when it comes to anything coming your way.

Cancer: Take some time to think and follow your intuition. Go towards what you desire.

Leo: Have compassion and be yourself. Be creative and an opportunity will be open to you.

Virgo: Start thinking about what you desire and work towards it.

Libra: Be open and patient when it comes to getting what you desire.

Scorpio: Be yourself and take some time for yourself. Don't follow anyones path, make your own.

Sagittarius: Follow your heart, don't just think physically.

Capricorn: Enjoy everything you have. Be free going towards what your heart desires.

Aquarius: Be yourself and use your intuition.

Pisces: Like Aquarius, be yourself and follow your intuition.