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Welcome September, please be nice to us… Birthday list everyone, let’s do this!
P.s: It’s really short this month, no one was born in September apparently… And pretty much everyone is from some version of SKAM, oh well...

Previous Birthday List
  • Lovely humans born in September:
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Henrik Holm ❂ 12/09
niallhoran and onedirection image beautiful boy, model, and niall horan image beautiful, goals, and niall horan image niall horan and one direction image
Niall Horan ❂ 13/09
family, lucas, and skam image skamfr, marylin lima, and manon image manon, skamfr, and marylin lima image lucas, elu, and maxence danet fauvel image
Edouard Eftimakis ❂ 21/09
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Ada Philine Stappenbeck ❂ 21/09 (couldn't find any pictures)
skam, noora sætre, and skam france image fashion, girl, and skam image Image removed Temporarily removed
Marylin Lima ❂ 28/09

Have a lovely day everyone! Hope you enjoyed this tag and let me know If you have any requests for my next articles…