I've been taking a bunch of foresaken Buzzfeed quizzes and got inspired to make this article. Here is what I would look like as a Bratz doll.


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Super bright green eyes with natural long lashes. For makeup I'd stay simple with just winged liner and mascara


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The basic Bratz doll plump lips with glittery and glossy lipstick


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Long dark brown hair with layers and bangs


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Acrylics done stilleto shape, black of course, maybe with an accent nail done or some added glitter but overall pretty basic


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Lots of basic black and chains, fishnets under my shirt and pants with combat boots or converse, and fun socks


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Basic cute hair clips, a simple aesthetic phone case, a small backpack covered in pins and patches, and of course some earphones

About Me

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I'm a young carefree spirit who apreciates the arts and solitude, but also loves to spend the weekends out with friends or partying