Hello my precious guys... Well last time i shared with you an article about my basic infos... So if you missed it you can check it now 👇😘 :

And today i want to share with you sides of my personality that you don't know about me like some facts, The funny ones and the side that i hate so bad and am trying desperately to change.

1. Real facts about me :

  • I never had a boyfriend or dated anyone beacuse it's something i never felt comfortble to do.
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  • 21 Yo and still virgin.
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  • I found huge difficulties at high school specially with my teachers that were the reason to make me behave so bad with them and that shit affected my grades.
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  • I hate period... I think it's only thing that all girlz agree with.
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2. Funny facts :

  • Am clumsy girl with fucked clumsy hands that embarrass me a lot in public and it's not something am proud of.
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  • I put my self in troubles a lot and sometimes they chase me.
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  • Am really funny person but my face give to people an impression of a serious girl.
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  • I've drive license but i don't drive and it's so sucks.
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3. The side that i hate so bad :

  • I get angrey so fast from the stupidest things you can ever imagine.
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  • I wake up mad sometimes with no reason.
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  • I sleep a lot and i give it too much of my time mostly when i feel sad or bored.
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  • I say things i shouldn't say.
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As you all know all of us have bad side that we're dying to change in our selves to save our relashinships or to give a good imression to the others... And as human being am not perfect but am trying to change my self and my attitudes to be a better person so i hope you will not be harsh 🤞🤞 on me and if you have any kind of advices you can feel free to message me.. I'll be waiting ;)

That's it for today, I hope you enjoyed.

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