For me, autumn has always been something magic. Mistic. And something very simple at the same time. Nostalgic. It's that time, which is for a cup of ginger bread latte. For a long slow walks in the parks. For a peace. In the environment and in the heart. Or for looking for things. For meeting our old friends who lives miles and miles away. For a hot wine in the evenings which is getting cooler. For that real, romantic love. Or at least for those proper dates where you don't need to act fake. For dancing in the rain. For traveling on those tight little streets. For the warmth, while wearing those oversized sweaters and books with a morning tea. For those dreams, which has never been heard by anyone. For adopting a new pet. For sharing. Naive expectations. For looking into the sky. For getting lost. In the cities and in your head. For a vintage shirts. For looking for things in the attics and the happiness of finding. For meeting grandparents. For closeness.