It's been a year now since you left my world. A year since you disappeared, since you closed your eyes one last time. A year since your death. And after all this time, there wasn't a day I didn't think about you. It's been a whole year an my heart still feels like an empty hallway. I remember your smell, your presence, and it is so painful to fall asleep without you by my side.You were my everything, and you're gone. I feel so angry at the world for taking you away, it's so unfair that you aren't there tonight to wipe my tears away. I loved you so much, I loved you more than I could imagine, I love you deeply, with all my heart, and that will never fade. And I am sure, that you loved me even more than I did. I remember how the pain started: slowly, when we knew you were sick, and then it escaladated, until that tremendous explosion in my entire body when life left you. I will never forget this instant, like I will never forget you.