Hi everyone, I'm Angela ! In this article I will present you some series available on Netflix which, in my opinion, have a Autumn vibes.
I hope you will enjoy reading my article and find news series for this season !

Lil disclaimer : English is not my first language so if I made mistakes feel free to DM me about it, I will be glad to improve my grammar/vocabulary!


During her 2nd honeymoon in Scotland Claire time travel from 1945 to 1743.

outlander image gif, pagan, and witch image
As you can see the color pallet reminds of Autumn

The cast is really great and the costumes are impressive (espacially in the 2nd season).

Alias Grace

This serie is an adaptation of the Margaret Atwood's roman. Grace Marks is accused of murder but her memory failed her, some partisans send her a psychologist to make her remember the events to innocent her.

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The first scene is f*cking impressive, Sarah Gadon have so much talent !

Anne with an E

Actually the background of the serie reminds me of The Little House on the prairie and after school at my grandma's house so Idk I just associate it with Autumn

gif, gilbert blythe, and love image


This serie if I think the best for Autumn because of the vibes of London, of the color pallet and of the mysteries. It is perfect to get in the Halloween mood for people (like me) who doesn't like Horror movies.

gif, bbc, and sherlock image
+ the Sherlock/Watson duo is priceless !

The Crown

Like Sherlock the London/England vibes reminds me of Autumn. And the cast is pretty good !

the crown, netflix, and Queen image
Bonus : in the 3rd season the cast change (for realism) so you can watch Helena Boham Carter as Princess Margaret !

There was my 5 Netflix recommendations for Autumn !
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