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i noticed that many of you lovely people have really liked my article "movies you have to watch". i never really did part two of any article i've written but let's start now shall we...

1) Pulp Fiction: this movie is...interesting. a crime leader shows the lives of a hit man, his partner, and a boxer, three different people with three different stories. the director, Quentin Tarantino puts together a really interesting story with this background, it's worth the watch

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Pulp Fiction

2) The Spectacular Now: i'm sure many have heard this movie but it's one to watch. it's about a guy in high school who really focuses on partying and having fun in his last year of high school but meets a girl who is hard working, smart and focused on building her future and it's an unexpected romance

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The Spectacular Now

3) 3 Generations: i love this movie. it's about a female transitioning into male while living with his mother and grandmother who are trying to find the father. it brings a lot of pride in the lgbtq+ community and shows the difficulty of transitioning. recommended 100%

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3 Generations

4) 50/50: this is a really heartwarming movie, it's about a young guy who gets diagnosed with cancer even though he's a healthy guy, and has a 50/50 chance of survival, and bonus: it has Seth Rogen

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5) The Highway Men: this movie encapsulates how the infamous Bonnie and Clyde were founded. it's a documentary and it's really good, it shows how lots of people idolized these people for killing them and they were amazing at getting away with it. watch it now on Netflix

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The Highwaymen

6) Heathers: let's go back to 1980's high school, where veronica hates the popular group she's part of. how to solve that problem? she finds comfort in the open arms of a psychopath named J.D, this movie depicts all the things that are wrong with cliques of high school

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7) Pretty In Pink: ooo it's a classic i know, but classics will never die. with Molly Ringwald, she's a high school who seems to be from the wrong side of town, and a guy who wants to ask her to prom and all in the while of being threatned by the reality of peer pressure

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Pretty In Pink

8) The Book Thief: this movie is set to 1938, a young girl who arrives at the home of her new foster parents. when the father realizes that she cannot read he teachers her slowly through books. she grows to love books and even saves them from a Nazi bonfire, this took place at the time of the Holocaust. although things become increasingly intense as they start to harbour a Jew in their basement. it's amazing

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The Book Thief

9) Gravity: this movie won seven Oscars, so yeah it's pretty damn good. anyone here that loves movies about space this one is definitely for you. it's about a team of astronauts that go into space but encounter dangerous debris that destroys their shuttle, so with limited oxygen they have to space walk to the ISS with nothing but thrusters, but even then it gets more difficult.

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10) Pineapple Express: let's end this with a comedy. this movie is about two friends, one is a drug dealer the other is an absolute pothead, that have to go on the run after they witness a murder involving a drunk kingpin and a corrupt cop. who doesn't love Seth Rogen and James Franco?

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Pineapple Express

i hope you guys watch these movies, and like this article as much as the first part, these movies are really fun to watch, if you love these movies please let me know. like this article:)

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