okay, so this is my first article ever. I'm gonna just write what on my mind.

around 7 years ago I created my Instagram account, but I actually started using it to share my art around 5 ish years.

in the beginning, I didn't feel like I was good at it. I just wanted to practice art. so I started following some youtube videos and posting the finished pieces. I then came to realise that this wasn't my actual authentic work and I don't want to get credit for an art idea I didn't come up with. so I deleted the pictures and tried to be more creative. and I felt like I got good at it and I eventually got motivated me to do more art from my followers.

when I started university, I took a little break from it, not because I wanted to, but because I didn't have time for painting.

this summer I decided to get back to my account and post more frequently. I did it mostly because I wanted something to motivate me, to paint, to create and to let myself free. and ever since I am really enjoying having something to do in my summer break.

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