Hey, you! So I've been here for quite a while now and I've never done anything like this so I thought maybe now's the time

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what color do you talk in?

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lavender blue

what songs do you think people remember you by?

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"Iris" by The Goo Goo Dolls

if you could take claim for any inventions, what would it be?

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radio or mp3?

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if people floated instead of walking, how far off the ground would you be?

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Above the trees but if I could go higher, I would from time to time - to touch the clouds

choose a song to live off of

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"Time After Time" by Iron & Wine

would you rather have clouds for feet or suns for hands?

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Clouds for feet

if you could choose one person to protect with your life, who could it be?

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My little sister

if you had to choose one person to be protected by, who would they be?

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Myself (yeah, I may have some trust issues but oh well)

what book do you need to read?

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"The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle" & Sherlock for the 68th time and also "If We Were Villains" (for the first time!)

who saved your life?

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So many people; people who didn't know me but were still willing to help

is your phone charged enough?

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100% enough

do you like feeling tall?

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hell yeah

do you like wearing other people's shirts?

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I don't. I feel more comfortable in my own clothes

if you could breathe music, which artist would you choose to inhale and which would you choose to exhale?

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Inhale Nickelback & Bastille, exhale Kodaline, Lewis Capaldi & Hurts

what are the promises you've made to yourself?

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A l w a y s be kinder than you feel
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Never forget about the little wonders - you can move, you can walk, you can breathe, you're here, you're alive - don't you dare take that for granted

what wouldn't you do to help a friend?

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Betray someone I love, lie to someone I love, hurt someone or anything that's against my conscience

if you had to choose one music artist, actor, or author to become your mentor, who would it be?

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Stuart Turton for now - I love the way he writes

who do you admire most in the world? why?

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People who remain kind in cruel situations, people who care more about others than they care about themselves & people who dedicate their lives to help others

what songs make you want to become the sky?

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"Birds" Imagine Dragons, "Further" Don Broco

would you rather be the night sky or the day sky?

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Definitely the night sky. Night is just so peaceful and the moon knows all secrets

what color aesthetic is your best friend?

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Thank you & take care