(Part One)


This article is about my preferences in K-Pop as well as my cousin's, that so happens to be my best friend! hehe :3

Her nickname is Carrot and she's my amazing cousin! And even if we're five years apart in age (I'm older hehe), she's like my soulmate (and even more mature than me LOL)

I've been into K-POP since 2013 and I dragged her as well back in 2016!

Twice owns me
Twice owns me
A shout out to her for being the inspiration to post it here!

Okay, no more talk! Let's goooooo!

1. Favorite Boygroup

Image removed monsta x image band, dojoon, and korean band image taewoong, suhyun, and sangil image
NCT, Monsta X, The Rose, Snuper

Me: NCT, Monsta X, Snuper, Stray Kids, ATEEZ
My cousin: NCT, BTS, The Rose

2. Favorite Girlgroup

snsd image blackpink, lisa, and rose image

Me: SNSD (Girl's Generation)
My cousin: BLACKPINK

3. First MV

dance, gif, and kpop image
Run Devil Run
Temporarily removed

Me: Run Devil Run - SNSD
My cousin: Dope - BTS (we think... ?)

4. Favorite Song

album, kpop, and SHINee image album, kpop, and nct 127 image album, kpop, and stray kids image album, kpop, and the rose image

Me: Hello - Shinee, YAYAYA - Stray Kids
My cousin: Baby Don't Like It - NCT 127, Sorry - The Rose

5. Favorite Solo (Male)

Taemin, SHINee, and kpop image bts, seokjin, and bangtan image brave, kpop, and samuel image dean, kpop, and deanfluenza image

Me: Taemin, Samuel
My cousin: J-Hope, Dean

6. Favorite Solo (Female)

Temporarily removed ailee image

Me: BoA
My cousin: Ailee

7. Favorite Band

cnblue and yonghwa image kpop, dojoon, and the rose image

Me: Cnblue
My cousin: The Rose (obviously haha)

8. Favorite Vocal (Male)

haechan and ♡nct♡ image pentagon, hui, and genie:us image

Me: Haechan - NCT 127
My cousin: Hui - Pentagon

9. Favorite Vocal (Female)

eunji and apink‬ image aesthetic, fashion, and girl image

Me: Eunji - APink
My cousin: Rosé - BLACKPINK

10. Favorite Rapper (Male)

one, jaewon, and yg image bts, jhope, and hoseok image cube, kpop, and starship image stray kids, 3racha, and spearb image

Me: One, Achillo
My cousin: J-Hope - BTS, Changbin - Stray Kids

*11. Favorite Rapper (Female)

blink, bp, and kpop image

My cousin: Lisa - BLACKPINK

12. Favorite Dancer (Male)

gif, Jonghyun, and key image
Taemin - Shinee
dance, gif, and jin image
J-Hope - BTS
black on black, dance, and gif image
Ten - NCT

Me: Taemin, Ten
My cousin: J-Hope, Ten

13. Favorite Dancer (Female)

Temporarily removed
Hyoyeon - SNSD
dance, gif, and kpop image
Momo - Twice

Me: Hyoyeon
My cousin: Momo

14. Ultimate Male Bias

Image removed
Taemin - Shinee
black, concert, and kpop image
J-Hope - BTS
้heechul, super junior, and kpop image
Heechul - SUJU
bts, jin, and kpop image
V & Jin - BTS
nct 127 and p:127 image
Taeil - NCT

Me: Taemin - Shinee, Yibo - UNIQ, Heechul - SUJU, Jin - BTS
My cousin: J-Hope & V - BTS, Jeongin - SKZ, Taeil - NCT

15. Ultimate Female Bias

naeun, son naeun, and kpop icons image
Naeun - APink
blackpink, lisa, and kpop image
f(x), kpop, and victoria image
Victoria - F(x)
kpop, momo, and twice image
Jeongyeon - Twice

Me: Naeun - APink, Sooyoung - SNSD, Victoria - F(x)
My cousin: Lisa - BLACKPINK, Yeri - Red Velvet, Jeongyeon - Twice

Soooo that's it!! hahaha

I had fun making this!
Thanks for reading ;)
Bye bye in Jaemin's voice