(Note: I'm writing this based on Vedic/eastern astrology, if you've only checked your western astrology I would highly recommend checking your Vedic astrology chart first. I personally found eastern astrology to be 100% accurate compared to western. Especially if you felt like your zodiac sign didn't fit you perfectly. If you don't know how to check your eastern chart, you can check this website called Astrosage but if you don’t know how to check and use the website you can ask/message me if you want.)

Libra, Libra, Libra.

I feel there's a lot I can say about this sign since I have an abundance of Libra in my chart.

But, if I could describe Libra in one word, that word would be kindness.
Libras' most wonderful trait is their kindness, although they can have issues regarding self-confidence, they honour and treasure their kindness.
They view kindness to be a vital thing in life.
As we all know the sign for Libra is the scale, representing justice and peace.

Libra, sakimichan, and art image

Libra value equality and they know in order to restore peace in this world, we need to treat everyone with equal amount of kindness, respect and love.

I also feel the scale represents how Libras decide. Libras are known to be indecisive but this is because they weight both ends of the scale and consider both sides of an argument and both sides of the story. They are very understanding and are able to put themselves into both parties' shoes and that's why Libras make great mediators and are peacekeepers.
It's the one friend that's like don't fight, let's all just get along.
Generally they are kind and understanding people who will always give people the benefit of the doubt.

Libras strive to bring peace in their daily lives and sometimes this striving to bring peace in every moment can be their downfall.
They like things to be happy and peaceful all the time however life isn't like that, it's full of ups and downs. And this can be quite hard for Libras, especially when they are presented with conflicts.

Libras hate conflicts and disputes; they despise being shouted at and don't even want to continue arguments. This is why Libras can veer towards being passive aggressive or putting on 'nice' facade but then releasing their true feelings with someone else or hiding it inside themselves.
They tolerate a lot when it comes to arguments because they just want it to be over and done with, so a lot of Libras can remain in manipulative and toxic relationships for quite some time.
Somehow Libras find themselves surrounded by either selfish or overly aggressive and loud people who seek arguments.

This is a tip for Libras out there, you are attracting these people because:

1. There's a lot of regressed anger inside of you that you need to release. Please remember everyone you meet and interact with is your mirror in some way, if something keeps repeating ask and go within to see why this is manifesting in your life.
2. 'Toxic' people come into your life to teach you lessons and help you grow. But for Libras I feel a lot has to do with you learning to stand up for yourself and learn that not all arguments are terrible, sometimes they are needed for your needs to be taken care of.
For e.g. I noticed I attracted people who took my kindness for granted and that was because I was concerned with everyone's needs except my own and that led to people taking advantage of me. This helped me learn that my needs mattered as much as anyone else's and I learned to say no from time to time. And in understanding that I learned to put myself first and that's part of loving yourself, knowing not to give yourself too much away that you are left with only bitterness. Leave some of that love and care for yourself.

Libras are kind people who are always willing to give to others but the one person they have to learn to give love and care to is themselves. This is where that self-confidence comes in. I personally found that Libras tend to be attracted to Leos a lot because Leos exude this confidence that Libras want/lack. And I really do hope Libras out there gain this confidence themselves instead of looking for the confidence in others, your kindness should fuel your confidence because that kind heart of yours impacts the world in such a positive way. Your kindness has the ability to touch and heal so many hearts and I hope you'll heal your precious hearts first.

Libra is an air sign. Air signs are all about the mind; intellectual conversations; thoughts; learning about human behaviours and interactions/socializing.
Libras, like other air signs love to converse, they like learning and observing other people. Even if some Libras are introverted or extroverts, all love socialising whether it's with large groups or just their little circles or close friends. They are their happiest when they are surrounded by good people, this gives them joy, confidence and they are in their element because air signs simply love to interact.
If Libras are in isolation or hidden in their cacoon away from people for too long, they can easily become unhappy, lazy and lost. They are people persons.

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I think this a key thing about Libras, they are so fun, loving and friendly that some people may misinterpret their niceness as flirting. (I know I've been through situations where people think I'm into them or where others thought I liked them as well when that wasn't the case at all)
In that way I feel this is partly why Libras may have lots of admirers, they unintentionally make others fall for them.

Speaking of romance, Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of Love and Beauty.
Libras are big on love and not just in romantic love, they enjoy showing their love in their daily lives to those they care for and one of the biggest ways they show their love is through their acts of kindness.
There's a reason love and beauty comes together as one. Another example is the crystal, Rose Quartz. It's the stone of Love AND Beauty.
These two are inseparable. If you radiate love energy, you simultaneously radiate beauty.

happy, quotes, and love image

Libras are known to be beautiful people partly for this reason.

Relationships are important to Libras and not just romantically, this can be their family, friends etc. Like I said they like being around people. But they do love the idea of romantic love, they are big romantics themselves.
They may dream of the perfect partner or love, they become dreamy when it comes to love. Some may always be after new relationships and others may hold back and just keep fantasizing of the perfect relationship.

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Let's give an example of a Libra.
If you're following me you know I always use BTS as an example because I've observed these guys the longest so I can give actual explanations.
(Again, I look at Vedic Astrology so I'm basing this based on this person's Vedic astrology chart.)

We'll talk about our cutie, Park Jimin from BTS.

gif, heart, and jhope image

Jimin has Venus in Libra in his Vedic chart.
Libra is in it's home planet here in Venus, which is why Jimin is a great example for a Libra as he exudes these qualities naturally.
It's a Libra in it's natural habitat lol

Let's start with physical attributes and appearance of a Libra. I'm only going to talk a little on this because I wrote quite a good amount in this article:

But generally Libras are known to be beautiful people with symmetrical faces (this is usually for Libra risings). They are easy on the eyes, their expressions can be on the serious side, but there's just something about them that draws you in. It can even be intimidating with their serious gazes but you'll notice their amazing smiles.
One of the common things you'll notice is the nice tone of their voice. They can have high and very pleasing voices.

Again, Jimin is a perfect example, he has a high tone in his voice, it's soft, gentle, almost angelic.

Jimin's Venus in Libra is all what Libra represents, LOVE.

Abusive image aphrodite and mythology image

Jimin is a very affectionate dude, he has no problem showing his love in various ways. He is a lover not a fighter. He knows how to show love and express his heart's desires. He knows how to make others feel loved and appreciated.
This natural loving essence Libras have draws people in wherever they go. And again this is why they have many admirers.

gif, seokjin, and bangtan image

That's the thing about Libras, the way they interact and talk to you makes you feel special. They are attentive and great listeners. These people will actually give you their time in hearing you out because they do have a caring heart. And they are easily great advice givers as they truly understand people.

gif, jikook, and jimin image

On the flip side, air signs have a tendency to be cold and distant, as are Libras. Even though they like the company, they are quite independent people.

There's a reason why everyone in BTS and millions of people are whipped for Jimin.
He attends to other's needs, he gives love, care and attention where it's needed.
Plus, his Venus in Libra simply makes him loveable and irresistible. Venus being the planet of love and beauty it simply attracts love and attention.
Libras overall are very loveable people, they are simply hard to hate because of their kindness and sweet, adorable disposition.

And as Libras are about equality, they distribute the same amount of love and attention to everyone, making sure no one feels left out.

And this also goes for themselves, if they give out love and care, they expect the same back. And if they feel that balance is unstable and if they feel they are treated unfairly this is when they get upset.
Libras can feel upset if they aren't receiving the same amount of love they give out, this goes back to them needing fairness and balance in every single moment of their life. Although, what they believe is right, 'whatever you send out, comes back to you and if you treat someone kindly, they should treat you back the same' Although this is true, it's important to keep in mind that you should not give with the idea that you should get something back, Libras must remember the concept of giving and loving unconditionally. In giving and not expecting anything in return this will help them to be much happier in their lives and not to be disappointed when others don't return the favour.

Even though it is upsetting when others don't treat you the way you treat them, you should not lower yourself to others' level, for e.g. when you treat someone kindly but the other person is straight up mean and rude. Knowing not to be mean back and to remain your natural kind self will serve you greatly in the future.
And here I'm not saying to tolerate anyone mistreating you but to know that whatever you send out will come back at you and you know this. Stand up for yourself, in the most kind and dignified manner because then you'll attract those kinds of people in the future.

As Libra is also associated with beauty. Most Libras are into beautiful things/creative endeavours, from makeup, styles in clothing, art, music, creative arts. They have a great appreciation for the different types of art and beauty of this world.
The love beautiful things, beautiful places, even beautiful people. I know there's a lot of jealous people out there but as a Libra if I see beautiful people I'm like oh they are so pretty! and that goes for both girls and guys (going back to equality) and this doesn't only mean physically beautiful people, I mean people who are kind, who will take the time to truly help and give you a kind smile, that is the most beautiful thing and I'm glad I get to experience these beautiful things in life. Libras truely value and appreciate these beauties of this world.

pink image aesthetic image dentelle, girl, and pink image Image by Gina Marie

If we go back to Jimin. When he dances there's an elegance to the way he expresses himself physically and verbally as well. He's agile, supple and almost seems like he's flying, it's gentle and beautiful. That graceful mannerism is what Libra and Venus is about. They radiate this beauty, elegance and seductive air.

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When I think of Libra the first character that comes into mind is Barbie.
Pretty and Cute.
That's Libra in a nut shell. Almost all Libras love cute and pretty things. Particularly the colour pink...why? Because it's pretty! (y'all should see my bedroom 80% of the stuff including the walls are pink lol)

girls, kpop, and gif image

On the outside, Barbie looks like someone who dresses well and that may lead to people thinking she is self-centered, shallow and fake and I feel these are the few misconceptions people have of Libras.
Although Libras do pay attention to their looks, this is due to their appreciation for beauty as a whole. A lot of Libras have talents for making things beautiful, from makeup artists to interior designers to elegant dancers, they have an eye for beauty for sure, that's their talent.

I feel people see Libras as fake because it's very rare to find kind people in this world and when people are confronted with kindness, they don't believe it or they become defensive and it even triggers them.
So Libras, if someone is mean to you for no reason don't always think it's your fault.

But at the same time, people may call Libras fake because of their passive aggressive behaviours. As Libras don't like conflict they'll put on a fake nice face but talk badly about this person or situation behind their back. All air signs have a tendency to lie or gossip. So be careful there, I know you have to release that anger somewhere but like I said avoiding conflicts can be one of Libra's biggest downfalls and you attract whatever you send out, so keep that in mind.

I feel Libras aren't made for arguments, for me personally when someone shouts or when there's an argument I completely shut down, it's like I don't even have the energy to fight back. So if this is the case for other Libras out there then I understand, I'm not telling you to fight back or start arguments but it's the pretending to be okay when we're not then saying our real emotions to someone else.

Learning to release your emotions in a positive and healthy way is what is needed. For e.g. if someone says something mean to you, but you don't want to argue then just breath, afterwards write a letter or write your honest feelings down on paper on how you would reply to them, then forgive them, that way you don't leave any anger in your heart because when we pretend to be okay, that anger still remains inside of us and that leads to regressed anger. And in turn we attract more angry people.

And also if you do have regressed anger deep inside that you are trying to hide from others and yourselves you really need to take care of these emotions.
Air signs can easily not understand or know how to deal with emotions as they are very logical. Especially Libras, they don't like to make others worry about them because they are kind people but they really do need to deal with their emotions, they are so busy tending to others that they can forget themselves and this can damage their emotional, mental and even physical wellbeing. Just like Libras believe in treating others how they want to be treated, they must also know to treat themselves the way they want others to treat them.

As for people assuming Libras are shallow then this is furthest from the truth because the truth is they are kind people who truly have a strong sense of justice no matter what career they get involved in, they strive for everyone's happiness and equality.
A perfect example of this and Libra as a whole would be the movie Legally Blond.
So many judged Elle based on her looks, outfit; her 'preppy' attitude etc. etc. most thought she wasn't intelligent.
But in the end they saw how much potential she had; how dedicated she was to truly helping others. She understood the clients in her own unique way, and used her true understanding of the clients to win the cases.
Libras truly have an amazing understanding of people, they have the ability to put themselves in other's shoes to truly understand them and this is why people feel so safe and understood in their presence.
Only people who look on the surface will miss the intelligence Libras really possess.
Although, Libras can be naive, they are very intellectual in their own wonderful ways and the amazing part is that they'll use that smart mind to help others out.

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And what I want Libras to understand is that your kindness is a super power.
Your kindness is crucial for this world, never underestimate that or ever think that that was your downfall because that's the biggest lie.
Even if some people don't appreciate you enough, trust me there'll be people who will see your kindness, even those who took advantage of you and mistreated you will regret it because they will look back and remember all your acts of kindness. And this is why you need to honour your kindness and not lower yourself to other's bitterness.

Stand up for yourself because you are precious gem in this world, don't allow anyone to treat you badly, and in not allowing others to hurt you tells the universe you know you deserve to be treated kindly too.
Just like you stand up for others when they are treated unfairly, stand up for yourself in that same manner.
Libras can be seen as pushovers because they endure a lot but once they learn to stand up for themselves they can do so much good in this world.

And no, it doesn't make you a mean or a bad person for saying no to other's request from time to time. It's okay to say no, like I said your needs are as important as anyone else's, you need to be a bit 'selfish' at times, for your happiness.

Now going back to love and beauty of Libra. We can't miss out their natural charms and how flirty and sensual they are.
Let's go back to Jimin. Everyone who knows Jimin know how flirty and charming he is, that's unmissable, this boy loves the flirt. He knows how to charm people and make people fall for him, it's Libra's natural talent.

Hot, kpop, and quality image

Also, this goes back to Libras enjoying making others feel good, the air signs are all about fun after all. Flirting is a fun activity for air signs lol

bts, jungkook, and kookmin image

Air signs are all about communication, Libras know how to use their sweet words to make your heart flutter.
They love to converse, joke and entertain... also entertain in that special way...if you know what I mean.

bts, jungkook, and park jimin image

They entrance others through their charm and sweetness but I feel the number 1 thing that makes people fall Libras for is due to their kindness. I mean who wouldn't fall for their kind hearts?

In Conclusion

I think the overall tip I have for my Libras is to truely and unconditionally to love yourself. You have such a kind heart and I hope you'll love yourselves above anything and anyone because you deserve that!

bts, love, and rap monster image

It's great to want a great lover/partner etc. And that person will come eventually, in the time being use that time to love yourself even more so you can attract a great person in your life.

anime, couple, and kawaii image

Learn to get in touch with your feelings, acknowledge them and take care of your happiness. Take some solo time, pamper yourselves, go shopping, go out with friends etc. etc. Do what truely makes you happy from time to time, don't be afraid to tell others what you need. Remember your needs are crucial too. In doing that you will have more confidence, self-love and you will attract an equal counterpart with that same amount of love to give.

cactus, change the world, and quote image

And if anyone has a problem with you or is judgemental etc. then let them do what they want. You are only responsible for your own actions so stand tall and keep your composure and go live your life in the kind manner as always.
God sees all your kind acts and you will be rewarded.
Give good and receive good karma, that's life.

Now get out there and spread your wonderful and bubbly selves to the world!

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Bless this world with your peace loving energy. Y'all so pretty and soft! (I'll be here in the back hyping y'all up).
Love you <3

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