Hey guys!How are you? Hope you are doing well!This is part 2 of my collection "People". Hope you enjoy!!♥

Full Name:

boy, ginger, and aesthetic image mirror, boy, and eyes image
David MacBrown


Houses, ljubljana, and old town image castle, cliff, and grey image
70% Scotland, 20% Slovenia, 5% Greece, 5% France

Favourite Colour:

hand, skeleton, and time image forest, dark, and sleep image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Dark Green

Favourite Place to hang out:

sea, ocean, and nature image beach, foggy, and rainy image nature, sea, and ocean image cliff, landscape, and man image
Rocky beach shores or lighthouses

Personality Traits:

aesthetic, april, and edit image Temporarily removed green, aesthetic, and glow image green, neon, and aesthetic image
He's quite a mysterious person and doesn't have a lot of friends.As a taurus he's stubborn & sometimes very demanding.
Image removed Temporarily removed bracelet, green, and style image sea, ship, and ocean image
When he grows up he wants to become a sailor.
love, couple, and kiss image green, tumblr, and aesthetic image aesthetic, bed, and partner image crying, room, and aesthetic image
He's romantic,but he rarely shows this side of him in front of other people.
Image by agathavlachos Image by ssevvalsu
He's very selective with his music.
A new transfer student came in his school & he fell instantly in love with her.Her name is Charlotte.

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