Art Hoe : art socks , old jeans , vans , converse , simple shirt , avocado , plants , cactus , paint , kanken

aesthetic, art, and rainbow image 90s, aesthetic, and art image aesthetic, clothing, and fashion image aesthetic and flowers image Image removed art, aesthetic, and van gogh image outfit, fashion, and sunflower image green, fashion, and aesthetic image bedroom, home, and plants image

Baddie : hoodie , sneakers , heels , famous brand , makeup , highlighter , long nails

Image removed shoes, fashion, and style image nails image shoes, Louis Vuitton, and LV image bag, colors, and fashion image nails, makeup, and pink image makeup, beauty, and cosmetics image

Grunge : fishnet , ripped jeans , band t-shirt , vans , cd , earphone , flames

girl, fashion, and fishnet image fashion and girl image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, outfit, and aesthetic image music, grunge, and nirvana image playlist, ear phone, and ear piece image nails, style, and nail art image парень, boys, and огонь image

Kawaii pastel : japan quotes , white/pastel colors , nike , egg , peach , japan

pink, pastel, and aesthetic image Image removed beauty, cosmetic, and makeup image 90s, baby doll, and clouds image outfit, white, and eggs image acrylics, aesthetic, and angel image pink, aesthetic, and food image

Vaporwave : chess vans , okay shirt , japan quotes , skateboard , old computer , nintendo

aesthetic, flowers, and quotes image Temporarily removed pink, plants, and purple image shoes, vans, and black image couple, skate, and aesthetic image grunge, skateboard, and alternative image tumblr, grunge, and computer image grunge, tumblr, and kawaii image Image removed

Vintage : old glasses , jeans , vintage jacket , coca cola , roses , casio clock

book, van gogh, and aesthetic image gray, old, and aesthetics image glasses, vintage, and aesthetic image body, girl, and casual image cocacola, coke, and jeans image 90s, grunge, and old school image jacket, grunge, and vintage image 90's, coca cola, and vintage image flowers, aesthetic, and pink image aesthetic, roses, and vintage image flowers, casio, and clock image