Euphoria is on my mind 24/7 right now so here is a super cool idea which was inspired by:


Temporarily removed pills, skins, and drugs image stars, glitter, and grunge image zendaya, euphoria, and rue image Image removed Temporarily removed
"Every time I feel good, I think it'll last forever, but it doesn't."


euphoria, hbo, and girl image makeup, pink, and art image Image removed euphoria, hunter schafer, and jules vaughn image euphoria, Jules, and makeup image holographic image
"No room for heteronormativity in here."


euphoria, alexa demie, and maddy perez image aesthetic, beauty, and Dream image Image by Rei euphoria, alexa demie, and maddy image Image by Enigme euphoria, alexa demie, and jacob elordi image
"First of all, ew. Second of all, ew."


Image removed rain, american football, and team image boy, cup, and hands image euphoria image euphoria and maddy perez image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
"You want some fucking attention? 'Cause I'll give you some fucking attention."


euphoria, sydney sweeney, and aesthetic image aesthetic, cheerleader, and vintage image ice skating, ice, and winter image euphoria and barbie ferreira image cassie, euphoria, and hbo image party and night image
"I feel like love is super dark and no one ever talks about it."


drugs, euphoria, and hbo image Temporarily removed o image euphoria, quotes, and series image euphoria, kat, and barbie farriera image Image by ∇I∇O
"I guess I just wanted to hurt you as much as I imagined you'd hurt me."

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