hello! lately i've been thinking a lot about creating a groupchat, so i'm wondering if anyone else might be interested to join? :)

here's a few things:

  • i'm not sure yet on which platform, for me personally it doesn't really matter whether it is on whatsapp, instagram or snapchat
  • i think this should go without saying, but if you join, please don't be rude to others
  • we could all just hype each other up or talk about our day or our interests etc
  • and of course to find friends
  • i won't immediately kick you out if you don't reply for a few days, i totally get that for whatever reasons it's not possible to always be active, but please don't ghost the gc for weeks

i think that's about it? if you're interested please dm me with your username or number and if i get enough people together you will be added too :)