It is my first article that is actually about me. And I would like you to know some basic things about me. :)
Sooo let's start..

Some basic facts about me:

Name: Samanta Pargaliauskaitė
From: Vilnius, Lithuania
Age: 19 (My birthday is 2000-03-12)
Occupation: Student ( I study law in Vilnius University)⚖

I would describe myself as:

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Smart. I'm not scared to show off my intelligence ;). Also, I'm introvert. Maybe because I don't drink and don't smoke.. so I don't really go out with companies.

My hobbies:

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Travelling! I already visited 18 countries. In the picture you can see me in Paris. Also, football is a my passion. I'm a huge Real Madrid fan.
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Books and old movies. I can't live without them.
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And of course.. Fashion and music!

Why I started using WeHeartIt?

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Because everytime I use this app I get so much inspiration! And good ideas about various things. :)

Some other facts about me:

◆I love history very much. And retro, vintage stuff.
◆Autumn is my favourite season.
◆I like notebooks, journals and other cool organizers.
◆I'm a huge Selena Gomez, Lana del Rey, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and The Weeknd fan :)
◆I love dogs and ducks.

Thank you for reading! Don't be shy and follow me here and on my Instagram. I'm very active :)