I saw an article today where a girl wrote down places she would want to visit. (her article will be in the end of mine). I thought it was a cool idea, and wanted to do the same! It's going to be countries, cities, states and just different places in the world I would want to visit.


animals, australia, and beach image city, travel, and australia image animals, australia, and cute image beach, sea, and travel image


france, paris, and photography image Inspiring Image on We Heart It paris, travel, and france image wine, food, and paris image

New York

city, new york, and ny image girl, city, and new york image america, new york, and new york city image city image


Temporarily removed beach, blue, and europe image Barcelona, city, and flowers image clothes, fashion, and game image

Greece - Santorini

Temporarily removed breakfast, summer, and sea image ask, couple, and goals image travel, Greece, and santorini image


Image by Serenity Landin boy, couple, and disney image Image by Zai Ineb Image by roxani_zacharaki


aesthetic, girl group, and kpop image japan, pink, and night image japan, cat, and moon image city, japan, and pink image

Los Angeles

baseball, dodgers, and la dodgers image aesthetic, california, and cars image adventure, airplane, and beach image city, travel, and los angeles image

London - England

london, city, and travel image Temporarily removed london image bridge, london, and Londres image

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