Embrace happiness when you're happy
and embrace sadness when sad.
Feel it in every particle of your skin
and know that emotions make you
a living human being with a heart.
And most of all create art out of your emotions.

ᗡƎᴚIԀSNI H⅁O⅁ N∀Λ - S⊥SI⊥ᴚ∀

Difference, madness, weirdness and most of all
an allconsuming and fullfilling love
for nature, art and music
are all parts of an artist.
And just the right amount of madness
may result in an astonishingly beautiful artwork.


Beautiful music,
a melody which truly attaches to your soul
dips your heart into honey
and lets it melt in warm summer days.
It lets flowers bloom all around in your body,
it enlightens you and awakens the spark of inspiration inside you,
it makes you happy to be a breathing human being
living on earth.


Don't you realize it?
There is no light without darkness,
no stars during the day,
no flowers without rain.
Goodness and darkness are connected
it's the law of the universe.
And living beings cherish and learn during the dark,
they grow during the dark and bloom during light.
So what can YOU learn from your darkness?

↬ Antigona Murtoviq

sunflower, flowers, and yellow image