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Indie / Alternative


1. Someday: a song about trying to find your happiness.
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"someday i'll be happy. i'll make that promise to me and to you."
2. hbd: a story of a girl who every year dreads the day she becomes another year older.
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"every year i wished to be someone new."
3. 2000s: a song celebrating the beauty and empowerment that the early 2000s gifted humanity.
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"what a time to be alive."
4. Paul Rudd: a love declaration to the man who made me smile even on my darkest days.
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"my first love was paul rudd."
5. Something Borrowed: the mistress' point of view of a cheating man. she loves him and begs for him to choose her.
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"and i know that he isn't mine. he's just someone i borrow from time to time."
6. Something Blue: the wife's point of view of a cheating man. her journey in trying to forget him and move on with her life.
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"i'm trying to walk away. i'm trying to throw you away like you did to me. but it's hard. it's just so damn hard."
7. The girl who loves Harry Styles: a girl finds her peace and safety in the music of a boy.
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"and who would've thought a boy could change my life that way that you did."
8. The Truth Untold (English Cover): Original by BTS
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"if I had the courage to stand before you, would everything be different now?"