I know how it is to have anxiety and really bad anxiety as well. It's really tuff but here are some tips that help me and may also help you. Maybe only one or two will work for you but if you feel like it you can try and see if it helps a bit. Also, I know it sounds easy "just paint and your anxiety will be gone" but that's not the point, these are just some things that help me a to calm down.

1. Write

Sometimes when I'm overwhelmed by anxiety I want to get out my thoughts and feelings. If you can't or don't want to talk about it to someone you can talk in text. Feel free to just write whatever comes to your mind. Since no one is going to read it you do not have to hold back. Sometimes I'm just writing and writing and it dosen't even have to mash up. The important thing is that you can get rid of your bad feelings as good as possible.

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2. Paint

This is basically the same as the writing but maybe more creative and can also be more effective (depending on you). Sometimes I like to write and sometimes I feel like painting. You can paint something random like a flower or a house if you like that or you can try to paint how you're feeling inside and what you're anxious about if there is a particullar reason. Just let the paintbrush/pen flow and you really don't have to try to make it look good. If you'd like, you can play some calming music in the background if that helps you. Just sit comfortable and grab the essentials you need. Take a deep breath and try to not think much even though I know it's really hard.

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3. Music

This is personally one of the most effective things. I'm pretty sure you all have listened to a song that changed your mood, maybe from happy to sad or from stressed to calm. The same thing is here. Of course not every song will work but there is playlists on Spotify that is made to help anxiety so if you don't already have songs that you think will help, try to put on one of the playlists and close your eyes and live in the music (yes I know how cliche that sounds), but just try, maybe move your body if you feel like it. Sometimes, mostly when I'm home alone, I put on some stress releasing music and just let my body go like it wants to. It may sound weird but please try it. I actually have a playlist just for anxiety and if your'e interested in it search me up @fanny emanuelson "cutting onions". Also Lana del Rey is a PERFECT choice. If you want it a bit less lana type music, listen to lil peeps sad songs. For real they hit hard.

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4. Watch something you like

If you have a favorite tv show, YouTuber or movie, watch it. You can also watch a new movie to keep you distracted. Don't watch anything that dosen't make you feel good, example don't watch a movie that always makes you sad or angry. Watch something that makes you calm or happy. If you don't know what you should watch you can always google good movies for stress etc. Just try to lay/sit down maybe with some snacks and get in to the movie/show/video, get into the story. If the movie is good enough you'll forget the bad thoughts (hopefully). Also I love to watch "clueless" while feeling down! It's on Netflix.

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5. Go outside

Yes I know, when you're anxious the first thing you want is not to go outside but trust me, walking, with or without music, helps more than you might think. I live in the forest which is sooo calming when you're anxious. If you don't have any good place to walk just go out and take breaths and maybe walk around in the city (if you are comfortable with that). But especially go out if you live in or near a forest, it calming, beautiful and quiet.

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6. Bath/shower

Personally I don't own a bathtub but I usually bath with my bestie on the evening, eating snacks, lightning candles and just talk. Of course you can do the same if you are comfortable with it but doing the same thing alone is also great. Just light some candles, maybe with some soft cozy smells, and you can also put in a bath bomb or bubbles. If you want to, you can have so music or a podcast, alternative a sound book, you choose. Or you just sit in silence and read, write or just think. But don't use your phone, never, especially not in the bath while charging. Another reason to get off your phone is that things like instagram won't bother you. Let's say you're anxious about your body, you opens instagram and sees a model in a bikini, does that help you? no. Unfollow is the right choice. But back to this. If you don't have a bathtub you can take a warm calm shower. Maybe even sit down in the shower, just let the water pour on you and try to relax. Just try to think positive thoughts, I know it's hard in the moment but trying is fine. Maybe get some lotion or a nice smelling scrub. Anything you like. Also you can cry while bathing/showering, hopefully it feels better when you leave the shower/bath.

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7. Treat yourself

Treating yourself is really individual. Maybe get some hot chocolate, buy that dress you've looked at for weeks, put on a nice face mask. I don't really have much to say here to be honest. I just want to clarify that I'm not trying to encourage in shopping or like, drinking to cure anxiety, I'm just saying that you should do something nice to yourself to hopefully feel a bit better. If you have a cart of nice clothes on a site, buy them now and maybe you will look forward to something. I personally gets exited when I order something, I'm looking forward to try it and wear it so try to focus on that. Doing skin/body care is also great. You will probably feel fresher and cleaner and you may as well have more energy.

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8. Workout

I know it can be hard to get up and work out while having anxiety and it's completely okay to just stay in your bed crying but I swear, this helps. It does not have to be, going to the gym, running for 2 hours. It can be just a slow, short jogging mixed with walking. Or just some squats in your room. But moving your body is great, you can dance as well but getting up your pulse and maybe sweat is great. Try it once in a while and it will get easier and easier and maybe your anxiety will get smaller and smaller. Okay so this is not really working out but you can also do yoga/meditate. You can search up some great yoga/meditation video on youtube and try to follow it the best you can!

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9. Do something with your look

Maybe try a new makeup look, play with the eyeshadows or try a new lip color. Just sit down and take your time. You don't have to be going anywhere, you can remove the makeup right after if you want to. I think it's really calming to just sit down without any stress or pressure and just try makeup, maybe do an eyeshadow look, remove it and try another. It's actually pretty fun. Put on some music of your choice and just relax. You can also do your hair or nails. Try to do some funny new nail polish look! Or try a new hairstyle! I know you can get annoyed if your makeup fails or your hair tangles but TRY to relax, i'ts not a big deal. Just think of it as something fun and calm.

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10. Talk to someone

Talk to someone you trust, it can be a friend, family member, a psychologist or even call a professional person like something we have in Sweden called BRIS where you can cal/chat with a curator if you want to talk, you can talk about your problems no matter how big or small they are. You can chat or talk with a curator (only if your'e under 18). Im sure there is similar things in other countries, google them. Of course you can talk with someone in real life, I personally have my sister to talk to and I'm so thankful for that but I know what many people don't have someone to ventilate to. Getting help is of course an alternative, but maybe if it is a lot on a longer period but if you feel like you cannot handle it yourself, try to talk to someone about getting professional help and I'm sure someone will help you. I've done It myself and it's tuff but everything will be fine.

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Thank you for reading<3