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Unfortunately, It Is A Girl...

helga goebbels and magda goebbels image helga goebbels and magda goebbels image
but my heart is full of happiness...

We may name her... Helga. September 1st, 1932

Helga Susanne Goebbels was the eldest girl of Magda and Joseph Goebbels, as well as the first child to Nazi propaganda, born on September 1st, n1932. That's right folks, this day today Helga Susanne was born, or yesterday, if you are living in Australia or New Zealand, etc.

Helga would've been 87 today...

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The favourite among adults, Helga was very mature, her parents being proud of her. Her father Joseph, would take her in his lap with many watching, being impressed with Helga's non-will to cry. She was a kind, good nature older sister who was described as Der Fuhrer (the leader, meaning...)'s favourite little girl.

She didn't have a real fondness for her Mother, she was a Daddy's Girl and would rather prefer father over Mother. She had beautiful deep, blue [ocean] eyes, as well as charms of friendliness and had lots of Obedience, which was [...Joseph Goebbels sub text] trained by her father.

She went of holidays much with her parents, and soon siblings. She meet Adolf Hitler at a young age, and he always seemed to smile when she came into the room. Much to Magda's delight, she was pleased if Helga was on his lap in a quiet room, seated. He even, disgustingly said, "He says that if little Helga were twenty years older, and he twenty years younger, she would have made the ideal wife for him".

When Joseph was away from Helga, he'd miss her very much. Helga became fascinated by her father's movies, making a claim about theatre and film actor, Otto Gebühr; He acts so well that you can't even tell he is acting" It was clear Joseph adored Helga, calling her 'so sweet and clever', whenever she was by his side. This, is note to his entries many times, and you can see Helga's witty side in Home videos.

She was also calm when she had an operation, being calm and even graceful at about 7 [or 8]. As she grew older, she loved to play piano and read, as well as look after her siblings and pick berries with them.

This note, translated in Russian [not by me, even though i can speak the language] was written by Helga on the eve of her and her siblings death to her friend, Henry. It clearly shows signs of being worried, with deep expressions showing in her eyes.

As Traudl Junge said about her:

'big brown eyes", then saying this just days before her death and after Hitler shot himself,

'In the bunker 12-year-old Helga looked visibly upset. She had sad knowing expression in her big blue eyes. As if she sensed danger',

Letter [s]:

“My dear Heinrich! I probably did wrong that I did not send you the letter that I wrote in response to yours. But I reread my letter, and I felt ridiculous and ashamed of myself. You write about such complicated things that you need to think a lot about to understand them, and I, with my eternal haste and father’s habit of teaching everyone, answer quite differently from what you probably expect from me. I will think about your letter and I will write every day, as you did for me during that illness … But now I will have time to think it over; Now I can think a lot. We moved to the bomb shelter this afternoon. It’s very light, but so crowded, that there is nowhere to go. Mom said that it’s safe, and we can wait until something is decided. Dad told me that we, maybe, will fly south. I would like to fly away! Everywhere there is such a bright light that even if you close your eyes, it’s still light, as if the sun shines in your head. I imagine all the time the ship on which you sailed to America: as if I were with you. The ocean is around, it’s everywhere, it’s very light, soft and shimmering. And we swing on it and as if we are not going anywhere. You say that it only seems so; In fact, we swim very quickly towards our goal. And I ask you - to what end? You are silent. My father just came in and asked how we settled down and asked him to go to bed. I did not fall asleep. Then we left the bedroom and he told me to help the sisters, Helmut and Mom. He told me that now much has changed, and he really counts on me. I asked, “Are you going to order me?” He said, “No. Never again. ” Henry, I did not win! No, this is not a victory. You were right: you can not, it’s silly to want to defeat the will of your parents. You can only remain yourself and wait. How right you were! Before, I could not stand his eyes, this expression of him, with which he pronounces. And now I felt sorry for him. It would have been better if he had shouted. Blondie came to me, she behaves strangely. I decided to take her down. Father did not order to go there without permission. And I, who decided to be obedient …I went. I sat with the Blondie in one room and waited. The Blondie growled at everyone, who came in, and behaved very strange. Herr Hitler came, Blondie just went with him. Herr Hitler told me that I can walk here wherever I want. Down here, everything looks strange; Sometimes I do not recognise people I know: they have other faces and other voices. If I could swim with Ludwig! I forgot to ask you how many dolphins live! I confess to you: I wrote a story about Ludwig, how he saved a boy. I so want to show it to you. I thought about every word in this story. For some reason, I just want to just sit and write to you about everything: I imagine that we sitting in our gazebo, in Reidsholdsgrun and talking. Mom does not feel well; Her heart aches. My sisters and brother are doing well. Dad ordered to study with them two songs of Schubert. I sang to them your favourite. I also began to recite them for memory from “Faust”; They listened attentively, with serious faces. And then we started playing the game. We began to wonder who and what would ask Mephistopheles! Even I began to think, and then came to my senses. I explained to them who Mephistopheles is and that there is no need to ask for anything, even if he suddenly appears here. I decided to pray with them, as my grandmother taught. When we began to pray, my father came. He did not say anything, only stood silently and listened. With my dad, I could not pray. I did not understand why people pray if they do not believe in God. I do not believe; In this I am sure. Think about it, okay? You told me that I need to learn logic. I will study, I decided that when we return home, I will ask father to give me the books that you wrote to me. I’ll take this books with me when we go south. I see fewer and fewer people I know. They say goodbye to their father and mother as if they were leaving for an hour or two. But they do not return. If only I could talk to you for a minute! We would have invented something. You would have thought of it! I know for sure that you would have figured out how to persuade my father and mother to send the little ones, at least to my grandmother. How can I convince them ?! I dont know. Today, Herr Hitler very much shouted at someone, and when I asked - to whom, dad shouted at me. Mom cries, but says nothing. Something happened. Henry, I just now began to feel how I love them - Helmut and sisters! They will grow up a little, and you will see what they are! They can be real friends, even though they are so small! Henry, I saw your dad !!! He’s here, he’s with us! He is very tired. He flew in a small plane and said that he had “sat on the head of the Russians”. At first no one recognised him, because he had a beard, a moustache and a wig. My mother told me to finish the letter. I do not know how to finish: I have not told you anything yet. Henry, I … (these two words are carefully crossed out)“

28 April

“We will be taken out in two days. Or we will leave. I told the others about it. They immediately began to collect toys. They do not like here! They will not last long. Mom finished the letter to our older brother Harald. She asked me to show her my letter for you. I said that I already gave it. I feel so ashamed. I’ve never lied to my mother like that.I came to your father for a minute and asked: should I tell you in a letter something if I know that we will not meet again? He said: "Just in case, say so. You have already grown, you understand that neither the Fuhrer, nor your father, nor me - none of us can not answer for your words, as before. This is no longer in our power.” I’ll say goodbye just in case. Now I need to give the letter. Then I’ll go upstairs, to the little ones. I will not tell them anything. We used to be we, and now, from this moment, there are they and I. Henry, do you remember how we escaped in our garden, in Reicholsgrun, and hid the whole night … Do you remember what I did then and how did you dislike it? And if I did it now? You said then that only girls kiss … Now? Can I imagine that I did it again? I do not know what you answer .., but I already … introduced … I feel so good that I have it, very long ago, since our childhood, when we first met. And that it has grown and is now the same as in adults, like your mother’s to your father. I was always so jealous of them! Do not think that I’m a traitor. I love my father and mother, I do not judge them, and it should be so, that we will all be together”

[from Tumblr],

Her heart was as big as her eyes, and she will forever be remembered by some as ' a sweet little, graceful clever child who had many skills'

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Helga peacefully reading her book
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Helga with Hildegard.
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Helga in a magazine with Edda Mussolini and her sister Hildegard.
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Deep thinking :]
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With an actual polar bear!
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By the seaside with Adolf.
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1930as [date unknown].
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picking berries with her siblings
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1940s, helga goebbels, and goebbels children image
1930s, helga goebbels, and goebbels children image
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helga goebbels and goebbels children image
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Another German magazine shows Helga with her father.
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Helga's siblings singing Happy Birthday, 1942?
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probably the most well known photo of Helga, taken in 1944.

Helga was 12 when she died.
May she rest in peace.