track 1

Collage image nike, grunge, and aesthetic image aesthetic, art, and museum image fashion, style, and girl image
the 1975 - 'step into your skin, i'd rather jump in your bones taking up your mouth so you'll breathe through your nose'

track 2

Temporarily removed taxi driver and gun image run, alternative, and funny image bad, black, and kfashion image
give yourself a try - 'the only apparatus required for happiness is your pain and fucking going outside'

track 3

aesthetic, fashion, and green image manga, japan, and background image Mature image aesthetic, blue, and indie image
tootimetootimetootime - 'except when i need reminding i'm petrified'

track 4

dark, grunge, and jin image aesthetic, red, and alternative image
how to draw - 'i've not learned how to draw'


aesthetic, cyber, and tumblr image Temporarily removed
petrichor - 'love yourself like someone you love'

track 5

aesthetic and rainbow image memes, quotes, and aesthetic image drunk, quotes, and funny image girl, aesthetic, and fashion image
love it if we made it - 'consultation, degradation, fossil fueling, masturbation, immigration, liberal kitsch, kneeling on a pitch'

track 6

Temporarily removed art image poetry, book, and quotes image hair, style, and aesthetic image
be my mistake - 'you do make me hard, but she makes me weak'

track 7

girl, art, and aesthetic image aesthetic, theme, and green image Temporarily removed fashion, girl, and outfit image
sincerity is scary - 'it's just a self-referential way that stops you having to be human'

track 8

girl, kfashion, and korean image book cover, funny, and Roller Coaster image smoking, supreme, and juul image Image by JXSS
i like america & america likes me - 'i'm scared of dying, no gun required'

track 9

Temporarily removed computer and I Love You image
the man who married a robot - 'you can go on his facebook'


aesthetic, hands, and soft image boat, golden, and hour image
love theme - [Instrumental]

track 10

Abusive image wine, red, and aesthetic image mirror, theme, and grunge image eye, aesthetic, and red image
inside your mind - 'maybe you are dreaming you're in love with me'

track 11

aesthetic, dark, and train image love, couple, and aesthetic image pills, heart, and drugs image boyfriend, couples, and cute couple image
it's not living if it's not with you - 'and there's a feeling, you're replacing embrace'

track 12

girl, grunge, and alternative image art, aesthetic, and pink image car, sky, and vintage image bedroom, blue, and curtains image
surrounded by heads and bodies - 'the things they make her take'

track 13

Temporarily removed bride and groom, cake, and chandelier image Couture, dresses, and fashion image love, couple, and hands image
mine - 'i see sunshine 'cause i know that you are mine'

track 14

Temporarily removed Image removed cactus, aesthetic, and indie image eyes, aesthetic, and blue image
i couldn't be more in love - 'so, what about these feelings i got'

track 15

Image by L E_WTFISTHIS 90s, aesthetic, and car image theme image beach, beauty, and blanket image
i always wanna die (sometimes) - 'you win, you lose, you sing the blues'

track 16

aesthetic, blue, and colors image couple goals image wish, 11:11, and clock image aesthetic, blue, and dark image
102 - 'i just sat there for ages contemplating what to do with myself'