1. What is your favorite color?
fashion, outfit, and style image
2. What's your favorite movie?
Temporarily removed
Harry potter
3.What's your favorite place to visit in the world?
travel, couple, and mexico image authentic, calaveras, and colorful image
one of them is Mexico
4. What are you typically doing on days off?
girl, fashion, and friends image friends, friendship, and summer image
be with my family and friends
5. Favourite actress?
emma watson, beauty, and harry potter image
Emma Watson
6. What's one hobby you'll never give up?
art, drawing, and painting image art, drawing, and city image
7. What's your favourite animal?
whale, animal, and ocean image
8. If you could switch lives with someone for a day, who'd you choose?
zendaya, beauty, and actress image
9. One movie you can watch over and over?
boy, funny, and girl image
forest gump
10. What scares you the most?


11. How would you describe yourself in three words?
empathy, dark, and grunge image quotes, honest, and words image
Empathy, honest, persistent
12. What's your favorite thing to eat?
cake, chocolate, and Cookies image sushi, food, and fish image
13.If you could be successful at one sport, which one would it be?
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14.Do you like surprises?

I love surprises

15. What was your favorite movie as a kid?
gif and mulan image gif and mulan image
16. Who's your girl crush?
Temporarily removed lana del rey, lana, and Queen image miley cyrus image girls, makeup, and model image
I love many but some of her are these
17. If you had any super power, which one would you choose?

Control the time

18. Heels or flats?
Temporarily removed shoes, converse, and fashion image
19. Window or aisle seat?
aesthetic, travel, and city image
20. The name of your first pet?
turtle, animal, and green image
21. What's the coolest thing in the world?
friendship, girl, and laugh image beyoncé, smile, and Queen image
22. What makes you feel the angriest?
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23 Coffee or tea?
coffee, cafe, and drink image
Always coffe
24. What's the last country you visited?
london, travel, and city image london, england, and Buckingham palace image
25. The best gift you've ever received?

My laptop

26. If you could could play one instrument, what would it be?
if i stay, chloe grace moretz, and cello image
27. When do you feel most beautiful?
girl, beach, and summer image
when i am myself
28. If you made a documentary about your life, what would it be called?
girls image
"my life is a mess but in pretty."
29. If you had a tattoo, what would it be?
tattoo and eye image
30. Winter or summer?
sunset, travel, and summer image summer, sea, and shells image
31. Sweet or savory food?
food, aesthetic, and bakery image cake, purple, and food image
Sweet forever
32. Dogs or cats?
dog, puppy, and animal image
33. What's your favorite flower?
flowers, vintage, and sunflower image yellow, flowers, and sunflower image
34.Who's your favorite actor?
norman bates, bates motel, and freddie highmore image leonardo dicaprio, boy, and actor image
Freddie Highmore, Leonardo Dicaprio
35. Favorite holiday?
christmas, winter, and Cookies image
36. What's the cutest thing in the world?
aesthetic, black and white, and book image
Healthy love for ourselves, and for all the people around us
37. If you could go to any concert, past or present, which one would you go to?
imagine dragons, concert, and music image Image removed
I have a long list but some of them are imagine dragons and Amy Winehouse
38. Who makes you laugh the most?

My mum and my sister.

39. If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would you pick?
Image removed
40. What movie makes you cry every time you watch it?
Temporarily removed dog, hachiko, and movie image
41. What tv show are you currently watching?
euphoria, zendaya, and aesthetic image
42. What book do you plan on reading?

Some of psychology

43. Must have beauty product?
makeup, beauty, and lips image makeup and products image
lipstick and mascara
44. What's your zodiac sign?
Sagittarius and zodiac image
45. Eye color?
makeup, eye, and eyes image
46. Hair color?
hair, fashion, and style image hair, hairstyle, and style image
Light brown
47. What's your favorite thing to wear?
necklace, accessories, and aesthetic image fashion and jewelry image
48. Dream job?

Something that can help society

48. When was the last time you cried?
aesthetic, glitter, and tears image
I am very sensitive I cry quite :')
49. Favorite sound?

I don't have one

50. iPhone or Android?
Image by monoxido de carbono.
51. Best way to destress?
flowers and relax image book, coffee, and drink image
I usually read, take a bath, paint, take pictures or get inspired
52. If you were in a flashmob, where would it be?
paris image
In the streets of Paris
53. One thing you can't live without?
quotes, mom, and forever image
54. On a scale 1-10, how excited are you about life right now?

i think a 9

55. Favorite band?
imagine dragons, music, and band image music and imagine dragons image
Imagine Dragons
56. Favorite solo artist?
dua lipa and miley cyrus image shawn mendes, shawn, and boy image
57. Favorite smell?
flower, jasmine, and nature image amazing, beautiful, and colorful image
Jasmine, lavender
58. Scary movies or happy endings?

Happy endings :)

59. What color is your toothbrush?
banana, book, and idiot image
60. What's a curse word you use all the time?
aesthetic, blue, and fuck image
61. What are you most excited about these days?
travel, airplane, and ocean image sea, travel, and summer image
62. Are you scared of the dark?


63. What's your favorite country to visit?
theme, aesthetic, and kpop image japan, sakura, and pink image
64. What's the coolest thing in the world?
summer, sea, and shells image
65. Are you happy with your handwriting?


66. Best piece of advice ever given?

The other half of your life begins when you understand that love is not lived.

67. What were you doing right before this?
netflix and pink image
68. Whats your current obsession?
chocolat, food, and m&ms image
69. What do you find yourself doing a lot these days?
art, drawing, and city image art, drawing, and eyes image
Doing my journal
70. Who's the most fashionable women you know?
street style image Abusive image
zoe kravitz
71. Can you say anything in a foreign language?
quotes, french, and life image
72. What do you find yourself doing a lot these days?
book, aesthetic, and white image
73. How long did it take to make this article?

A couple of hours.