The songs are in no particular order :)

↠ X1 - QUANTUM LEAP (Mini Album)

  • Stand Up (Intro.)
  • Like Always
  • I'm Here For You
  • U GOT IT
  • MOVE

This is a masterpiece, please support X1 because they desearve so much!!

gif, sexy, and minhee image
Connected, only you can complete me and I complete you

↠ UP10TION - Your Gravity

gif image
Because your smile pulls me more than the tall sky, more than the bright sun

↠ Everglow - Adios

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I should’ve been the main character in the first place

↠ Kim Kookheon, Song Yuvin - Blurry

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The ocean of my flowing tears is pushing me away


  • Water
  • D.D.D
  • Complete Me
  • SUMMER TIME (my favorite!!)
  • Going High
  • Daydream
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As if everything that’s numb is gonna revive at the end of the glorious season

↠ Seventeen - HIT

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Let’s sing this song for us We’ve surpassed the limit, we’re higher

↠ The Rose - Red

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I don’t wanna be dead, I wanna spread high above like fire

↠ Sunmi - LALALAY

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Because if the mood is good, I'm okay, if I'm criticized until I cruble to dust, I'm okay
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