In this article I will name my favorite Yungblud songs. If you haven't listened to him, go and listen.



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I was born in a messed up century.

High hopes are getting low because these people are so old
The way they think about it all.



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In my head I can sleep when I'm dead.

So bounce if you've had enough of the people you know.



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Doctor says that I'm so lonely
A mistake on the painting of my family.

Getting drunk at quarter to one.



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I've never seen a fucking sun come up.

'Cause they took my favorite old game set.

They said I'm an anarchist.


Polygraph eyes.

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She leaves her parents house around midnight
Meets her best mate at the shop, buy some cheap wine
And go to space, see the Milky Way
Get away from the teenage everyday cliche pressure
Absent on absinthe, dancing to bad synths
Saturday night ain't about romancing anymore
Just you getting lit in the queue to the dance floor.

He walks her straight up to the front door
As she stumbles on the floor
We all know what happens next
A bit of fun turns to regret.

See this girl, she had a boyfriend
His name was Zack and he made her happy
But he couldn't understand
In his mind, she was a slag (a fucking slag)
When she tried to explain what happened
She was shouting at him for an hour
Crying at the top of her lungs
"Don't leave me here, you're the one I love"

Turn your head to the side and lie to the real life.



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_With a quirky act of romance
A version of Romeo and Juliet
This time with Adidas sneakers and cigarettes.*

They kicked him to the side and left him to starve
On the memory that's re-breaking his broken heart.

We got the love but they put out the fire
'Cause they expect us to walk on the wire.


King Charles.

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Stop being a twatty, brap
Happy, be fucking happy.

That at the moment, they're neglecting the young, it's really scary being under 21.

We're taking your car now, sir.


Falling skies.

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Even though the sky is falling down
Don't let me go.

You're gonna roll the world up and smoke it all
With you people sitting in a pack of Marlboro Gold.

So, hold me close, don't let me go
Let's smoke a cigarette before the world explodes.

Fuck the hype, the life, the world we know.

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