Hi lovelies!!! 🖤

1. Tea or Coffee?

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Warm flavorful coffee ♡

2. Apple or Pumpkin pie?

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Apple pie!! but I love both.

3. Baking or Hiking?

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Always down for a hike in the woods!!

4. Hot Cider or Fresh Donuts?

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Fresh donuts ♡

5. Turtlenecks or Scarves?

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Turtlenecks, I love soft scarves too ♡

6. Sunny or rainy days?

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Rainy days, books and coffee ♡

7. Cinnamon buns or Toffee apples?

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Cinnamon buns ♡

8. Sweaters/ sweatshirts or Cardigans?

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Sweaters and sweatshirts make me feel warm and cosy ♡

9. Stay home or Go out?

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Stay indoors under some fluffy blankets ♡

10. Books or Netflix?

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Definitely books!!! Some Edgar allan poe too ♡

11. S'mores or Cookies?

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I love baking cookies when the weather gets cold ♡

12. Halloween or Thanksgiving?

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We don't celebrate either in my country but I love Halloween cause I'm a witch hehe.

13. Neutral or colorful?

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I prefer neutrals, especially black ♡

14. Cosy blankets or Sitting in front of the fire?

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This is impossible!!! I'm taking both ♡

15. A Haunted house or a Corn maze?

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I would be scared.. but haunted houses look beautiful.
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Thanks for reading my article! Have a great Fall lovely people. ♡♡