Hey! Welcome to our Relaxation Session Simulation.
All you have to do is close your eyes and IMAGINE.
So have a seat then we will start. (you can lie down if you want)

*please wear your earphones*


Image by azarovajulya snow, winter, and christmas image

-its a cozy winter day.
-there is a few days to christmas.
-the weather is cold and snowy.
-you are lying on your bed with a big warm sweater.
-and you are listening this song:


city, rain, and car image grunge, pale, and city image

-its a fall day.
-the weather is chilly and rainy.
-you are wearing a sweatshirt and a beanie.
-you are almost completely wet but you do not care.
-you are walking on the streets of Manhattan to go to your fav coffee shop.
-and you are listening this song:


sea, beach, and ocean image beach, sea, and dark image

-its a dark, fall day again.
-the weather is freezing cold.
-you are wearing a coat but its not enough. its still cold but again... you don't care.
-you are sitting on the sand with your friends or significant other, maybe alone. its up to you.
-you are watching the ocean.
-you are living the moment. you feel peaceful and greatful for everything.
-and you are listening this song:

hope you guys like it

-day xx

whi: @TheSkyIsMessy