Hey Heartist! I wanted to make this challenge for you to know me better.

1. Your favorite band

little mix, jesy nelson, and perrie edwards image one direction, Harry Styles, and liam payne image
Little Mix & One Direction

2. The celebrity you would marry if you were given the chance

niall horan, one direction, and 1d image niall horan, one direction, and niall image
Niall Horan

3. The celebrity you would turn lesbian/gay for

perrie edwards and little mix image perrie edwards, little mix, and bikini image
Perrie Edwards

4. Your favorite actress

actress, Girl Crush, and happy birthday image actress, elle magazine, and makeup image
Keira Knightley

5. The celebrity who has your first crush

twilight, robert pattinson, and edward cullen image actor, photoshoot, and beautiful image
Robert Pattinson. Because of Twilight but I do not like the saga now and he is not my crush anymore.

6. A celebrity who you would like to kiss in a movie scene

actor, gif, and goals image
Brad Pitt

7. A celebrity you would love to trade lives with

ariana grande, ariana, and singer image ariana grande and ariana image
Ariana Grande

8. A celebrity who you think is a role model

little mix, perrie edwards, and beauty image perrie edwards, little mix, and perrie image
Perrie Edwards. She is a model for me because she likes what complexed her before, her freckles and her scar and she is not afraid to confess her anxiety and panic attack . She is the strongest woman I know.

9. A celebrity you would love to be best friend with

jade thirlwall, little mix, and jade image jade thirlwall, little mix, and disney image
Jade Thirlwall. I'm sure she is really nice and funny. And we both have a passion for Disney

10. Your favorite song-writer

beautiful, fashion, and goals image
Ed Sheeran

11. Actor/Actress from your favorite movie

kate winslet and leonardo dicaprio image
Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio from Titanic

12. Actor/Actress from your favorite TV show

game of thrones, lena headey, and cersei lannister image actor, goals, and littlefinger image actress, Girl Crush, and makeup image game of thrones, pedro pascal, and oberyn martell image
Lena Headey, Aidan Gillen, Natalie Dormer & Pedro Pascal from Game of Thrones

13. A celebrity you would do anything to meet

actor, actress, and goals image
Vikings Cast

14. A celebrity whose concert you would love to go

Beautiful Girls, dance, and fashion image
Little Mix

15. A celebrity you would like to bring back to life

Marilyn Monroe, vintage, and smile image 80's, Freddie Mercury, and king image actor, goals, and photoshoot image actor, beautiful, and goals image
Marilyn Monroe, Freddie Mercury, Heath Ledger & Luke Perry

16. A celebrity you would love to have over for dinner

Angelina Jolie and beautiful image
Angelina Jolie I think she must be a very interesting woman who has a lot to tell and to share

17. A celebrity whose voice you would to have

beautiful, fashion, and goddess image beautiful, brunette, and fashion image
Perrie Edwards or Ariana Grande

18. A celebrity who has the body that you like to have

beach, blondie, and Girl Crush image beautiful, belly, and bikini image
Sofia Jamora or Carrington Durham

19. The celebrity you would love to interview

actor, goals, and beautiful image
Chris Hemsworth I think he must be very funny and it must be really nice to interview him

20. The celebrity who would play you in a movie about your life

actress, freckles, and Girl Crush image actress, beautiful, and emma watson image
Emma Watson. She is the actress who looks the most like me. My natural hair is a little the same color as her. I also have white skin, brown eyes and freckles

I Hope you enjoy! Lots of Love <3