Hey sweeties!
We all love fashion or love to see fashion stuff, so today I’m here to present you some 2019 fashion trends.
Hope you like it. <3
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My outfits colletion:

Hair Clips

They are so sweet, I LOVE IT. TIP: Use 1, 2 or 3, not more. It will not be good (in my opinion <3).

fashion, youtube, and youtuber image

Small glasses

Even Kylie is using these glasses, so why not? TIP: Use it with a cool outfit, not just casual

Small bags

I think these bags are so elegant but practice at the same time and you have it in every colors!! TIP: in the pictures.

fashion and small bags image Image by Anitta

Jacket jeans

I think almost everybody has one (boys and girls)!!! But there are a lot of them, one more beautiful than the other. TIP: in the pictures.

dog, fashion, and mirror image beautiful, mole, and nct image

Mom jeans

It starts some time ago but is still present in 2019. I love these pants so much, but I don’t like to see myself with them…I’m the only person in the whole world? Ahah TIP: Those pants are wide so use some tight
nightgown and will be perfect!!

aesthetic, belt, and clothes image fashion, nike, and outfit image

Squares and stripes

This year I saw squares and stripes all the time, everywhere. TIP: Use two pieces with the same pattern or color.

fashion, outfit, and style image Temporarily removed

Pastel colors

Not just in school material!! These colors are so relaxed. TIP: Use 2, 3 colors combination.

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Ripped jeans

Everybody has this one two. Boys and girls!! And everybody heard " Did you fall down?". USE AND ABUSE OF IT WITH EVERYTHING. TIP: in the pictures.

ripped jeans image fashion, style, and outfit image

I forgot some trend that you know? Do you use some of these trends? What's your favorite? Tell me everything on the messages, I will love to know.
Maybe I will do a Part 2 <3

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XOXO, Anita
[credit to everyone’s photo’s I used]