hello friends! july came and went, which left barely anytime for me to create an article for my july favorites! this is just some of the music i've had on repeat this past month and hope that you can all enjoy! xx

Teenage Kicks // The Undertones

hair, pink, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
get teenage kicks // right through the night

Crystal // Stevie Nicks

floral, flowers, and nature image flowers, nature, and plants image
in the crystalline // knowledge of you

Hypersonic Missiles // Sam Fender

moon, stars, and gold image Temporarily removed
i'm so blissfully // unaware of everything

Tenderness // General Public

flowers, girl, and retro image quote, love, and phrases image
words are so cheap // but they can turn out expensive

My Body Is A Cage // Arcade Fire

Mature image quotes, body, and motivation image
my body is a cage // that keeps me from dancing

Thirteen // Big Star

girl, light, and pink image love, heart, and red image
would you be an outlaw // for my love

Modern Love // David Bowie

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(modern love) walks on by // (modern love) gets me to the church on time

I found so much great music last month! Sam Fender was a personal favorite of mine, he's next on my list to see live! I loved the Arcade Fire song too, especially after it's appearance in Euphoria. Not to mention, rediscovering great music by Stevie Nicks and David Bowie. Go ahead and pull up Youtube, Spotify, or another music platform! Take a listen. xx