to say im not dissatisfied, hurt, unhappy would be a lie

I was in it to win it

I got a bronze yes
thinking that I could get a chance for a gold
or at least a silver

im grateful I got a trophy at least
but I worked so hard

it's not enough
I need to grind harder
hustle more
in every single aspect of my life

I have to
I want to

it's going to be rough
but I will strive
I will cry
I will hurt

but I've got the chance to do this
I have to at least try
give it my all

quitting is not an option
being lazy is not an option
is I want to be tip top

you have to know that resting is also important
burnout won't be beneficial

I will show myself
I will improve more
I will be better than before

this is a chance
this is just the beginning