It has come to my attention that way more people are willing to give smaller artists a chance. Also, some of yall have the audacity to call people that listen to smaller artists 'quirky'. The delusion.

Anyways, I wrote something like this a few months ago and let's just say I've been developing. This is also to help the tasteless out.

Song n°1
Crush Culture - Conan Gray
Album: Sunset Season

Song n°2
Perfect PLaces - Lorde
Album: Melodrama

Stream the whole album honestly.

Song n°3
Last Dance - okaywill
Album: Last Dance

Song n°4
Pictures - ECAF/ Ruel
Album: Pictures

Song n°5
In My Head - Ariana Grande
Album: Thank u, Next

Song n°6
Prey - The Neighborhood
Album: Wiped Out!