1 › are you lonesome tonight? ° ELVIS PRESLEY

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"Are you lonesome tonight, do you miss me tonight? Are you sorry we drifted apart?"

2 › look on down from the bridge ° MAZZY STAR

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"Everybody seems so far away from me Everybody just wants to be free"

3 › mr. lonely ° BOBBY VINTON

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"I am so lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely Wish I had someone to call on the phone"

4 › winter bear ° BTS, V

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"Looks like a winter bear You sleep so happily"

5 › when the party's over ° BILLIE EILISH

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"Tore my shirt to stop you bleedin' But nothin' ever stops you leavin"

6 › love of my life ° QUEEN

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"Love of my life, you've hurt me You've broken my heart, and now you leave me"

7 › the truth untold ° BTS

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"I can’t show you a ruined part of myself Once again I put a mask on and go to see you"