Hi! For me the summer vacation is almost over and that means back to school...! :(
I wanted to write a article about a new school year and how you can start the year good and how you stay motivated! Have fun reading xxx


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If you buy your school supplies well ahead you don't have to be stressed at the last moment to get some school supplies! You can now organize al you school stuff for the new year. And decorate them, this can be helpfull to be motivated.

some schoolstuff I always use:

- agenda
- Highlighters
- notebooks / notepad
- folders
- Ballpoint pen
- insert covers


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At the begin of the new schoolyear it's clever to set goals fot yourself! This helps to know where you are headed and what you want to achieve. A goal can be study better or plan homework more.


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For during the schoolyear, take notes during classes! It will help you remember stuff better and you already have kind of a summary. Use highlighters!! Also drawing something can be very helpfull.


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for the new school year it is also useful to plan things in advance. Don't plan too much on days when you have to go to school and make sure you have plenty of time for homework!


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There are some foods and drinks who will keep your brain humming all day! So you can be motivated! Green tea, avocados, dark chocolate, water, berries, nuts and bananas.


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Clean up you room and desk before doing homework or studying, so you have plenty of space and don't get distracted from anything on your desk or room!


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With organize I mean that you organize all your school supplies from over the years and look wat you can throw away. So you have more space for new stuff and to work.


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During the school year to stay motivated, you can go workout or meditate! Sometimes an hour going to the gym or doing yoga at home can be very helpfull.


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And last but not least... go shopping before the new school year! With new clothing you can go motivated and fresh into the new year. When the school year begone you don't have much time to go shopping!
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I hope you liked this article and that it helps you during the school / work year! Good luckkkk xxx

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