I'm always writing blogs, so I thought, eh, why not play a game for once.

(Questions are from Google. I chose the ones that stood out to me the most. If you find them fun, ask them to someone else!)


Let's see how this goes...

1. Never have I ever shoplifted.
Never. I don't think I'd ever get over the guilt. However, when I was a kid, I used to take some stickers from the sticker books at the store. Am I the only one who did that?

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2. Never have I ever fainted.
I have. The first time was at the mall. It was insanely hot, and I guess I was dehydrated. My friend's mom had to carry me back to her car. It was so embarrassing. There has been other times too, but eh, let's not get into that. Fainting is actually one of my biggest fears now.

3. Never have I ever hitchhiked.
Hmm... never. But does carpooling count hehe. I know it doesn't.

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Okay, but where can I buy this car?

4. Never have I ever been arrested.
Never. My mom would kill me.

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5. Never have I ever gone surfing.
Never. But it looks mega cool. Too bad I don't live in Malibu and I am scared of the deep waters.

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6. Never have I ever been electrocuted.
Never. I don't mess with that kinda stuff. But I get like those static shocks. I can't be the only one who went down the slide in the playground and got zapped. Ah, the good ol' days.

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7. Never have I ever gotten stitches.
Never. But I watched Lilo and Stitch like a million times.

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8. Never have I ever gone hunting.
Never. I just can't. No.

9. Never have I ever gone vegan.
Never. But I'm slowing easing into being a vegetarian. Living in a household where meat is valued, it's hard being a vegetarian.

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10. Never have I ever bungee jumped.
Never. It's on my bucket list.

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11. Never have I ever ridden an animal.
Never. I was about to ride a pony, but I got scared when it opened its mouth.

Image by ☽ Amber Leigh ✩

12. Never have I ever broken a bone.
Never. Thank God.

13. Never have I ever shot a gun.
Never. Oof. Let's not make this political.

14. Never have I ever dined and dashed.
Never. I don't think anyone should even do that.

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15. Never have I ever chipped a tooth.
Never. But I broke more than the average amount.

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16. Never have I ever gone scuba diving.
Never. I want to. It's on my bucket list.

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17. Never have I ever ruined someone else’s vacation.

18. Never have I ever jumped from a roof.
Never. Geesh. These questions.

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19. Never have I ever cheated on a test.
I have. But that's only on like small quizzes, when the entire class suddenly decided the quiz was "open for discussion."

20. Never have I ever had a paranormal experience.
Never. Thank God, again. I'd poop my pants.

21. Never have I ever snuck into a movie.
I have. It felt so awesome because no one actually cared that we did hehe.

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22. Never have I ever danced in an elevator.
I have. All the time. Who doesn't? And I sing too.

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23. Never have I ever had a tree house.
Never :( I always wanted one but I lived in apartments all my life.

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24. Never have I ever worn glasses without lenses.
I have. I wear prescription glasses, and I always popped out the lenses of my old glasses when I got new pairs.

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25. Never have I ever been on a fad diet.
Never. I really don't believe in those...

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Well this was fun. Maybe I'd do a part 2, who knows.
Thanks for reading :)

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