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I hope you had a great summer and that you´re ready for some new trends, let´s start!


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The most trendy colours this fall are black, beige, washed out grey, tie dye, neon for the parties and animals pattern are still going strong.


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There will be alot of shiny materials like leather, silk and transparent. E.g. a silk skirt or blouse, a pair of leather pants or jacket or a see-throught top.

styles and fits

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Everything will be oversized or loose fit- especcially blazers and shirts! It´s going to have a rocky vibe with a little bit of grunge. On the warmer days, it´s really trendy to mix summer and fall pieces like a summerdress with a blazer.

fashion pieces

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Trendy fashion pieces are tank tops, shirts, blazers and tees. Print tees are a big yes preferably with a vintage vibe. If you want to wear a knitted sweater go for a cropped one with v-neck.


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Straight suit pants to match your oversized blazer is a must and sweatpants and sets are not only for workouts but also for your everyday life. The jeans model this fall will be cropped and highwaisted.


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We will se alot of chunky jewelry this season and chains. Trendy pieces are statement earrings, layered necklace and alot of gold.

shoes and accessories

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Boots and chunky sneakers are the way to go. Belts are really trendy right now and also fake crocodile skin bags

late summer

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If you´re not ready for fall yet, try som late summer trends. Feel the summer in pink, turquoise and light green pieces or a summerdress in flower pattern or dots with sheashell jewelry.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you got some inspiration and are feeling ready for the fall season, bye!

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