Heyo Sunflowers!~
It's been a minute, hasn't it? This time I'm coming at you with songs I pretty much just heard in the month of August and quite enjoy. Which are a lot? I like music and a long playlist. I hope you all enjoy some of the songs that are listed. The playlist itself will be linked below at the bottom of the article.

Poppy Ajuda- Devil's Juice
Au/Ra- Panic Room
Yuna ft. Jay Park- Does She
Ben Platt-Rain
Romiti- Love Riddim
Leven Kali- Mad At U
Umi- Remember Me
Lostboycrow- Since the day I was Born
Leikeili47- Tic Boom
Potatohead Penolope- Single Life
Savannah Cristina- What You Won't Do
Charlie Puth- I warned myself
Alessia Cara- OKAY OKAY
Snoh Aalegra- I want you around
Kelsy Karter- Liquor Store On Mars
CLAY- orange

And Much more!
I'm considering posting my "Dancing in my room" playlist but dunno if it's more or less something that I should keep to myself. I dunno We shall see because I add to that playlist almost every day. (Could be because I love dancing but I dunno.)
Thank you for the love from the previous playlist and I'm glad you enjoy them enough to follow them!
Here's my August playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/15Rg4rW92yU1pcmtklFo84?si=fq1l4vzMRiyjMjk1jUkBbA
Here's my profile: https://open.spotify.com/user/gy55m9spb7j6vxoom411t7s4j?si=QxffHXiIS2KE3Y9I68ztsA

If you wanna follow me anywhere else my insta is heyitscharii

Thanks for giving this article attention and remember you are always in bloom Sunflower.

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Have a good day! -Chari
Ps. A Youtube channel is also in bloom. Stay tuned