In France, autumn starts in late September and with my friends were already planning some activities. In this article I'm going to focus on the Picnic we'd love to do.

First the location

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we choose to do our picnic in a park or by a lake depending on the weather

The decor !

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A lot of plaids and pillows, some pumpkin, apples and dead leaves on the ground

The food !

brie, cheese, and cracker image cheese, food, and cheese platter image cupcakes, dessert, and food image autumn, cozy, and dessert image
As french people we are fond of cheese and wine, we decided to ad fruits and bread or crackers. For dessert, probably a crumble or cupcakes

The playlist

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There are a lot of fall/autumn playlist on Spotify, we're juste going to find one and play it while we eat.

The outfit

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Anything earth-tones, comfy, with a pair of boots and a big scarf


Hope you like it ! I can't wait for the autumn season to start !

XOXOXO Manon :)