Story: Zodiac

The Zodiac is a planet composed of twelve kingdoms who worship four Elemental Gods. The Fire tribes live in the aridest part of the Zodiac, following the teaching of Urmed, the god of destruction and fire.

The Arieses live in the inside of the old Volcano, hard to reach for the other nations. They are followers of Urmed and Malahidael. Their ruler is decided on the Tournament that takes place every five years. This also decides where each family will live depending on the placement in the tournament.

Arieses are afraid of the prophecy, and they train themselves in order to defeat the traitor.

One day, twelve children of each kingdom will turn on their own people. Under the blessing of the fallen god To, they will destroy this world and the gods you worship.

For you Arieses, this child shall be one of the weak

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Name: Aidan Einar
Age: 19
Family: His big brother Blade Einar


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Aidan is lean but all muscles. Like all the orphans, his head is shaved.


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Aidan his ambitious and independent, but his quick temper stops him from achieving some of his goals.


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Aidan is part of the Arieses tribe, a tribe where the strong rules over the weak. Here, your place in the tribe is chosen during the tournament held every four years. This tournament winner becomes the new chief, the rest of the participants are dispatched in the city according to their rankings on the tournament. A higher ranking means a better lifestyle. The lowest ranking lives in the slums with the orphans too young to compete in the tournament. That's where Aidan lives with all the other orphans, and his brother when he was still there. Now his brother his gone, living a better life, not even bothering to take him with him since they were family. But now that he is old enough, Aidan intends to participate in the tournament and beat his brother.


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Arieses are known for their control of fire, and Aidan does have some too. Though they seem way more developed than most of the orphans. His superstrength is also something he is proud of.


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Aidan loves the outdoors and spends most of his time in the outskirt of the city. He also does a lot of training in order to become stronger.


Aidan doesn't really mingle with the other orphans, and people tend to avoid him.

Blade Einar

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Blade is Aidan's big brother. Four years ago he participated in the tournament and won his way out of the slums. Since he and Aidan are related he could have taken him out with him. But he didn't. He left Aidan alone as their parents did.

That's Aidan for you, I hope you enjoyed it. And I also hope that my English was okay. Anyway thanks for reading!