I'm not here to tell you which shampoo to use, or how to wear your f*cking t-shirts. I am here to pour my heart out. I would love to keep telling everyone how sorry i am for them to see me like this, but i don't want to. Today is the last day of summer 2019. It felt like a week, huh? A really long, sad week for me. Yesterday, i got drunk with my mom and it all got messed up. It was hell. This is hell. And then there are days where i'm in the pool with my sister, looking at flowers around me, playing with water. The point is, it never changes. I feel like i'm in a circle. Waking up, trying to smile, then something makes me mad, i get drunk. After that, i usually feel sorry for myself and proceed to tell everyone around me how i feel even though nobody really gives a damn. I just want you to know, that i am willing to change EVERYTHING. So, if you fu*ked up, just like i did. Let's sort this out, let's live. But also, let's love each other. I feel like this is the message i would look for. So, why not. In the end, i don't regret a thing...No, that's bs i regret few moments but i am trying to deal with it. Have a beautiful day, human.