Hey babes,
So I've never written an article but I am so obsessed with reading them and decided I wanted to try it out! I just finished Euphoria and am absolutely obsessed with it so I wanted to write it based on that.
Hope you enjoy it!

Name: Elora
Age: 17
Birthday: 6th of August
Horoscope: Leo


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Tall and thin physique, soft wavy dirty blonde hair, green/hazel eyes and no tattoos


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Loves natural/glam makeup and glossy lips are essential, you can always find her in an old bookstore, loves the simple things and regularly drinks.



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Her style is very cute and girly yet simple, she will bring a handbag everywhere she goes and loves heels, she is confident although is a little self conscious about her weight even though she is thin.


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She loves to wear fancy skirts and dresses but keeps it low-key.


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She went with a sparking dress but nothing too dramatic to cause unwanted attention, she wore her dirty blonde hair down and simple with a more glam makeup look.


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Everyone loves her and gives her a load of attention but she doesn't really enjoy it, boys are always showing interest in her. Elora loves art and books and tends to drink a lot because of her problems. Elora can be very innocent at times but can be a total badass when she wants to.


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Elora belongs to a rich family and has lots of friends, although has no one she can really trust. She is deeply broken and has terrible trust issues, she was abused since she was little and has been through a lot of problems including her family. Elora has never told anyone about her experiences with abuse or her personal and family problems and generally keeps a lot of her feelings to herself.


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She gets along very well with Rue and Jules and always has the best time with them, She is pretty close with Maddy and loves hanging out with Kat and Cassie but doesn't share secrets with them. She is closest to Lexi, Elora loves her and only shares some of her secrets with Lexi.

Love interest:

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Elora and Fez have loved each other since they met and their relationship has never been in doubt. They care for each other more than anything or anyone else, even though they get unwanted attention from others. Nate has shown a large amount of interest in Elora but knows how much Fez means to her.