Hi guys ♥
Today I'm going to do a "would you rather" tag yaay
Read @FromAnotherDimension__ 's article too cuz I was inspired by her.

E n j o y !

1 | Would You Rather Give Up Breakfast, Lunch, Or Dinner?

Dinner! Because I know that if you eat dinner too late at night you gain weight easier. And I don't want that lmao.

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2 | Would You Rather Have To Wear Formal Attire Or Pajamas Every Day?

Pajamas ofc!

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3 | Would You Rather Have To Sit All Day Or Stand All Day?

Stand. Bc if I were sitting all day then I couldn't go anywhere.

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4 | Would You Rather Be A Master Of Every Musical Instrument Or Be Fluent In Every Language?

Speak fluently in every language. That is one of my goals.

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5 | Would You Rather Be A Famous Director Or A Famous Actor?

A famous actor! I can't say anything else after I saw "Once upon a time..in Hollywood" by Quentin Tarantino.

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most attractive men on Earth haha

6 | Would You Rather Be Able To Go To Any Theme Park In The World For Free For The Rest Of Your Life Or Eat For Free At Any Fast Food Restaurant For The Rest Of Your Life?

I am scared of theme parks so I'd rather eat for free at any fast food restaurant for the rest of my life.

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7 | Would You Rather Be An Olympic Gold Medalist Or A Nobel Peace Prize Winner?

Definitely the Nobel Peace prize winner.

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8 | Would You Rather Live In A Cave Or Live In A Tree House?

Umm..in a tree house? Like who would live in a cave? That's scary lol

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9 | Would You Rather Have X-Ray Vision Or Bionic Hearing?

X-ray vision sounds cooler.

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10 | Would You Rather Be A Deep-Sea Diver Or An Astronaut?

Hard question tbh but I would be an astronaut bc I want to find out that there was people on the moon or that is just a scam.

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11 | Would You Rather Be Able To Fly Or Be Invisible?

Be able to fly!

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12 | Would You Rather Visit The Moon Or Go On An All-Expenses-Paid Vacation Anywhere On Earth?

Hard one again. But this time I choose the all-expenses-paid vacation.

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That's all for today babes
Peace ouuuut.