i'm terrified. For the first time in 17 long years , i finally realize something.
We are all capable of so much. No, this isn't one of those motivational lectures. This time, i actually mean it.
You see, if you actually think about it - being a human is a huge privilege in itself, right? I mean you think for yourself,speak for yourself, exist for yourself. so why tf not actually live a life that's worth living? Do you really want to live just for the sake of it? You're young. You can do whatever you want. You can either go "wildin' about" and just not care about anyone or anything ,or you can take things into your own hands and make something meaningful of this life. You need to realize this power you possess.
"think about the life you want for yourself"- yes, we've all heard this but have you ever asked yourself what kind of a life you don't want? because for me, i didn't know what kind of a life i wanted, until i knew the life i didn't want.
it's never too late to start. start now and you'll know you're ready to take life by it's horns when you can honestly say this:
"i'm scared of all that i'm capable of, but i'm excited for this life."
So, plan out your day, visualize yourself completing those plans, ask questions , stand up for what you believe in , learn new things and that's all what life really is.
Life isn't difficult, it's quite easy really if you know how to navigate it.

"you are the Michelangelo of your life"

- The Secret, Rhonda Byrne