A playlist inspired by Darling in Franxx, the gut-wrenching story of love, war and the "profoundly beautiful" promise of forever.

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You Said Okay by Flatsound
"Sometimes when I look up I see stars that cut through the sky and fade quickly into nothingness and I pray that you aren't as fleeting, because when we're lying in roads I get the same feeling. That gravity will just turn off and I'll fall endlessly into something much larger than I am."
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Glass House by Morgan Saint
"If I told you I was broken, would you love me still? Shattered hearts, crossed stars, never saw myself, True lovers never cover up each others scars."
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Run and Hide by Sabrina Carpenter
"Started thinkin' love's a loaded gun. Nobody wants to fight, and when did we all start thinkin' that the world stop spinnin' in a kiss goodnight? And when did our heartbeat beatin' too fast stop meanin' it was worth the while?"
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Seven Devils by Florence + The Machine
"And now all your love will be exorcised. And we will find you saying 'it's to be better now.' And it's an even sum. It's a melody, it's a battle cry, it's a symphony."
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Man or a Monster by Sam Tinnesz
"It's so hard to tell which side you're on. One day is Hell, the next day is the dawn. The lines are blurred, you keep rubbing your eyes. The tables turn, now it's time to survive"
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Please Notice by Christian Leave
"Do you know how in love with you I am? Do you see how in love with you I am? Every thing that you do, it makes my heart stop. Oh, it stops. And baby when you sleep, do you dream of me?"
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Feral Hearts by Kerli
"Make me remember all I forgot. Watch me become just an animal, naked to nothing more than who we are. Feral Hearts in the night. Loving like we've been kept captive. Free to light."
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True Love is Violent by Allie X
“Don't know what you got until it's gone, don't know what is right until it's wrong. Heaven could fall and angels swarm, but hell is ours to face. True love is violent”


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