This article is taken from my personal blog in These are my reflections after my first four week in college :)) I hope you enjoy this article. As always, don't forget that a better you lies at the other end of fear!

1) Find inspiring people that you can regularly stay in touch with

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This can be your high-achieving friends, hardworking friends, or people who have a strong conviction of what they will be in the next few years. Ideally, in areas of your life you want to have a clearer picture of what you want to be achieving. You see, in college, no one is responsible for inspiring you other than yourself. Sure your professors will inspire you with their numerous accolades in the academic field but that’s just one facet of your life. You want to be motivated to improve each aspect of your life that you want to be successful in. You can sign up for as many free and affordable events as possible online that you find related to areas you want to be improving in. The categories span a wide range of interests such as entrepreneurship, tech, and even sports just visit and you will find the event you're looking for. Remind yourself that you are preparing for the best changes in your life that will happen rapidly once you get off college.

2) Exercise in the morning

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If your immediate reaction to alarms is to turn them off and go back to sleep, it can be helpful to associate the time you set in your alarm for an action-oriented task, such as walking a few steps in the hallway before you take a morning shower. Transitioning to college is a change that was new to my senses so I was naturally more sensitive to the new environment and woke up early, but once the novelty has worn off I was back to my “I don’t care as long as I make it on time” attitude. Over the course, you can observe how this can be toxic to your goals because making it on time is different from being present on time. Sure, you may not be late, but your mental presence will be off to somewhere you missed just because you were trying too hard to make it on time. Letting your day just happen as opposed to orchestrating it will have a significant impact on your happiness in your college journey.

3) Track that expense with excel

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Although it is so much easier to record your expenses in apps that take care of the visual representation for you, putting it in Excel allows you to bend and break the data you have to certain information you need in order to make better choices and even notes. Of course, you can also make it easier by downloading apps because using them is so convenient for a busy student like you! Just remember to put notes since they allow you to reflect well on your spending behavior.

4) Stay away from Kpop! (haha)

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I know a lot of people who can handle this quite well and I must admit Kpop makes life a lot better, spoken like a true Kpop fan, but you have to realize that sometimes our beloved K-idols can be like black holes too. Once you start hitting that play button you enter a point of no return. You will be clicking next until you realize all those minutes soon turned into hours that you were supposed to spend solidifying your mastery on a certain subject are gone. I myself is guilty of this too.

5) Pray hard after you’ve done everything in your power

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It’s easy to criticize yourself at this point in time, very easy to tell yourself that “I am not doing enough” but you have to realize that you weren’t perfect when you entered college. Sure, there are others who can pull off everything without breaking a sweat, but these people have also put in the time and effort to build the correct habits way before they reaped success. When things seem easy to someone it means their preparation was harder than their current circumstance. Realize that you don’t have to be at the same pace as them. You on your own pace is good enough as long as you’re putting in the effort to refine that skill you lack. After a tough day please don’t forget to congratulate yourself and exercise your faith.

6) You are becoming what you aspire to be!

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A lastly and most important tip, remember that you’re here because it’s going to help you become the professional you aspire to be. This journey is all about you and how you connect with more experienced people in your field of interest. You came here because you want to have more control of your creativity and gaining control requires strength. So brace yourself and keep holding on cause this journey’s tough but so are you ;)