This is an article about Yoruba Mythology. Yoruba is one of the biggest ethnic-linguistic groups in western Africa. I plan do more articles about Yoruba Gods/Godesses, so if you feel like it, please go check it :)

Before we started, I would like to explain to you that Orishas were african ancestors that went deified, because during their experiences living on Earth, they acquired nature control (like thunders, rain, trees, etc) and control of crafts and human conditions (like agriculture, fishing, war, maternity, health, metallurgical, etc) So let's get started:


Also called "Lady of the Gold”, Oxúm is a female Orisha, daughter of Yemanjá and Oxalá.

She reigns over the fresh water of rivers, being considered the goddess of beauty, river water, love, and very much connected with wealth, vanity, and feminine power.

She is represented by an African woman surrounded by gold, mirrors, carrying a baby on her lap, representing her power of beauty and affection. Kind mother of old and new people, she renews and intercedes for us in all situations.

Attributions: Goddess of freshwater rivers, love, feminine power, beauty, and wealth.

Symbol: Adê (crown), Abebé (hand mirror), Obé (sword), Ofá (bow and arrow).

Color: Yellow